August, and Remembering the Atomic Age – A Balance of Guilt, Fear, and the Future

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The passage of time sometimes serves to clarify history while at the same time can sometimes serve to encompass a considerable amount of Monday morning quarterbacking.  The one thing time does in the interpretation of history is dull the sense of that moment in time; the social feeling of the moment, the emotions at play when decisions were made, the political mood and fears.  All too often history comes to be judged at a later time when morals have changed, society has had the time to contemplate history, and the actual evolution of historical events, good or bad, as a result of a particular event of the past. Continue reading

ISIS and the Continued Selling of Fear

The REAL threat levels.

The REAL threat levels.

As I am writing this the news is awash with updates and bulletins, and even an increased threat level in Britain, on the apparent progress on this Muslim extremist group, ISIS.  Now, as I’ve stated in other posts, I consider myself an average guy in keeping up with current events and trying to meander through the complexities of some issues. But up until a month or two ago no one ever heard of ISIS and now they are being reported as the greatest threat to the world peace.  Huh? Continue reading

My Racist Confession

obama_laThe only thing I’ve ever done in my aging adult years that could be considered racist (other than the other evening when I spotted with my peripheral vision two black gentlemen, wearing wife beater tees, displaying neck gold and armfuls of tattoos, walking toward me, while I slipped into a slight “white person” feeling of heightened awareness from stereotypical racism until they safely passed me) is that I voted for Obama in the first election; I wanted, in part, to say that I voted for the first black president in history. Continue reading

There Are Wars, and There Are Wars…

Have we gone from wars of liberation to wars of democratic domination?

Have we gone from wars of liberation to wars of democratic domination?

…or, The Only Good War Is The War That Sets You Up For The Next War.

Being a student of history my entire life was a kind of evolutionary process in social and human understanding.  I mean, as a kid I enjoyed history and for a young fellow I did have a rather keen affinity for understanding historical timelines in things around me or in objects of antiquity.  For example, simply going through the dates of the coins in my pocket (or piggy bank) and finding a penny dated 1944 I would naturally think “Wow, this penny in my hand was minted in the year of D-Day!”  Continue reading

Are You As Fed Up With Islam As I Am? Just Asking… Why?

Normally I'd hesistate posting a pic with this obvious manipulative message... but it's how I feel at the moment.

Normally I’d hesistate posting a pic with this obvious manipulative message… but it’s how I feel at the moment.

This is going to be a rant on Islam. No, I’m not entering into some tirade about kick-ass retribution. I consider myself a politically patient and above average-informed fellow but this nonsense growing in Iraq (and Iran, and Afghanistan, and Syria, and parts of Africa, and elsewhere) year after year after year is just getting old. Thanks to our American news coverage (be it factual, propaganda, or someone’s conspiracy theory agenda) this is how I view extremist Islam… and Islam in general… Continue reading