The JFK Assassination… 50 Years And Still Going Strong!

Seconds before......

Seconds before……

For those of us old farts who can remember that day it will always be burned in our memories when and where we first heard the tragic news.  For myself, I was 12 years old and in line coming back into the school from recess in the playground.  I saw a female teacher quickly running down the stairs towards us crying and speaking in a loud voice to one of her compatriots monitoring our progress coming back into the school… Continue reading

Math Sucks (and Other Scholastic Rants)


The recent tragic news a few weeks back about the young Massachusetts math teacher being murdered by a 14 year old student rather spawned a few memories of my own educated past, and the rage that student must have felt to commit such a horrendous crime against another person.  Now, mind you, in no way am I treating this tragic death of an educator in some flippant way nor do I wish to cast a negative light on educators in general.  This crime should never have happened to anyone, but yet it does represent a sign of our times; mental illness is a true problem and it will just get worse as the population increases.  Also, this crime illustrates that it’s obvious this isn’t all about gun control.  I fully respect educators all for their work and dedication.  But as a news item it nonetheless triggered some thankfully less tragic thoughts about me and my hatred of… math. Continue reading

Generally Speaking, The Government Shutdown Ain’t So Bad… If We Learn A Lesson.


Most assuredly if you are a government employee and you  now find yourself out of work with an unknown future this shutdown is certainly a big deal.  If your livelihood depends on certain government programs, this shutdown is certainly a big deal.  No question about it, folks will hurt.  But… isn’t that the whole idea of a governmental shutdown?  Continue reading


My New Blog

My New Blog

Yes… it’s my new blog about DOOMSDAY!  Ok.. well… sad as that theme sounds, doomsday prepping is popular these days, as is zombies running amok and eating the brains of those of us still living.  But actually, my new blog is more cerebral on the subject.  My approach is not about the latest and greatest in freeze dried survival anything or proper caliber of weapon for killing alien invaders, and more about the human and mental conditioning for addressing survival situations. Continue reading

Is It A Sign That It’s Really Over When The Secret Service Go Home?

Chief of the President’s Security Detail:  “Mr. President, me and the boys have been talking and it seems that since there is no government left, half the population is gone, we can’t communicate with the military, Congress has vanished, and the electricity is not likely going to be turned back on for decades, if at all… well… here’s the keys to the bunker.  We’re heading home.” Continue reading

Fighting Females: The Enemy Will Care Less About Career Equality

Times are indeed a changin’.womenmil2

The Pentagon has recently announced that the military will open up combat-related jobs to women.  No doubt this has been a long and thought out decision for the military so I won’t pretend to know it all but there are some concerns that seem to rise to the surface right off the bat here for each and every female wanting to serve in a combat position. Continue reading