The Real Threat to Our Democracy… Population Growth


Actually, population growth is the greatest threat to humanity as a whole.  But likely well before the effects of that consumes our human existence our country will fall victim to not so much over-population but rather an accelerated population growth.  Likely it will be a combination of normal increases in the birthrate, an increase in life span longevity, and immigration.  The effects of a burgeoning population will not necessarily translate into some Hollywood sci-fi of people barely able to move around, available real estate is all consumed, and cities are polluted.  It is very plausible that we might be within 50-60 years of some kind of civil war to change the way we rule ourselves.  It doesn’t mean the civil war need be violent or bloody like the last one (although it could be) but the growing issue will be the relevance of our Constitution as it was written by the Founding Fathers to the changing world around us.

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Trump Is A Good Example Of Why Politicians Are Better At Politics

Politicians "debating" in Ukraine. (AP)

Politicians “debating” in Ukraine. Time to close up shop when our people do this. (AP)

You get absolutely no argument from me that politicians are seemingly the most inept at their jobs; failing in delivering anything of substance for the public good when that public good is needed,  and great at talking out of both sides of their mouths when they are aren’t flat out lying to constituents.  Congress, the largest collection of politicians in one place in our government, can’t seem to agree on a damn thing and many times are seen as just endlessly bickering along party lines.  Gawd… if we only had just one person in charge so much more could get done!  (Sorry, I will NEVER surrender my vote to someone who says he/she “can delivery me from evil” by themselves.  I want a president, not a messiah.)

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Resurrect Roosevelt’s Bill of Rights? A Cry For Good Old Fashioned Republicanism!

Roosevelt "fireside chat" State of the Union, 1/11/1944

Roosevelt “fireside chat” State of the Union, 1/11/1944

A couple months ago I visited a blog where the author was presenting his opinion on how we need to augment our Bill of Rights to include those elements presented in Roosevelt’s economic bill of rights back in January of 1944.  The author went on to suggest that Roosevelt’s presentation is something this country needs desperately.  Needless to say the blog author with the relatively controversial opinion received a number of replies, many who unfortunately favored the idea.

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MY UNCOMMON SENSE – About Those Damn Emails….


Well, I suppose I should weigh in on all the email hubbub with Hillary having been investigated for mismanaging her sensitive emails.  This thing just drones on (no pun intended.. well, yeah, pun intended) and even I get confused as to the real issue behind it all.  Obviously the republicans are constantly banging away that this is a big deal and there must be something fishy that she wasn’t indicted for allowing classified emails on her private email server.  This is politics-at-election-time as usual.  Here’s a July 6 report from The Wall Street Journal that sums up the official stuff…

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Kaepernick. And We Wonder Why The Extreme Right Is So Wound Up?


Freedom of speech.  If you are an American you would likely die to protect that freedom.  That includes treatment of the flag.  No law exists to punish anyone for defacing or destroying or defaming the flag because of our freedom of speech.  You can burn it, stomp on it, rip it up… and we will defend unto our deaths anyone’s right to do that.  BUT… there’s very little in our makeup as Americans that sends us into rabid rage more than seeing our icons of freedom treated with disrespect, whether it’s Islamic protesters in a Middle East country tearing down an embassy flag, or some pro sports figure here at home deciding to sit during the playing of the National Anthem before a game in some self-serving protest about America.

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