…And Then There’s Trump.



There’s something about the Donald I’ve always kinda liked.  Well, not seriously.  Real estate guru and quasi-politician aside, I suppose he’s entertaining, in his own right.  But he’s an interesting composite of narcissism, flamboyance, myth and legend, who tries to convince the world that he’s humble regarding his wealth and power, yet in the same breath wants us to know he’s rich… and he’s the boss.   Put all that in an easily illustrated caricature of blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, an assortment of facial expressions, and an outspoken demeanor and you have a popular fellow you either hate or like. Continue reading

Everybody Has An Opinion, But Mine Counts.



The strength of blogging is that us bloggers get to reach out into the seemingly endless void of the internet and find others to prop up our egos or flat out go tell us to fly a kite (or, go to hell).  The real talent are those people who can write a reply to your post, profoundly agree with what you said in their first paragraph, then spend the rest of their reply nicely telling the you how much of an intellectual buffoon you are.  Gotta love it.  Yet as bloggers we relish the number of followers we can get as if it were some medal of honor achievement to have 5,231 followers who you think are indulging in your every printed word as if you were the Pied Piper. Continue reading

Golly! I Have A New White Man’s Job; I’m Supposed To Challenge Racism Among My Peers!

I prefer, "Human Lives Matter"

I prefer, “Human Lives Matter” because racism affects all humanity.

Back when I joined the military in 1971 the Pentagon had a program targeted to try and ease race relations tensions on government installations.  By the time I arrived on the scene the urban civil violence of the 60’s was waning a bit; the racial demonstrations and civil rights marches of the day had torn up a few major urban areas around the country and things were cooling down. Continue reading

Those Prison Escapees… Is There An Unspoken Story Here?


As of this writing it’s been 12 days since convicted felons David Sweat and Richard Matt broke out of prison.  The news has been full of updates and continuing coverage of the search efforts and especially of the tailor lady, Joyce Mitchell, now in custody herself for alleging to have aided the guys in their escape.  That part of this event is slowly revealing all the seedy allegations of sex, seduction, and murder conspiracy that viewers feed on, especially while the boys are still eluding authorities and there’s nothing else to report.  But for me there’s another story here… and maybe a lesson to learn. Continue reading



Sooo…. I was watching yet another TV special presentation about us baby boomers reflecting on the past and patting ourselves on the back that the only music worth a damn is that which we spewed out in the 60’s & 70’s.. and there was a segment on The Stones (The Rolling Stones, not kidney).  Inevitably the boys sang “Satisfaction”. Continue reading


From this distance we humans all look the same.  But move in a bit closer and you can see we humans are individually very different.

From this distance we humans all look the same. But move in a bit closer and you can see we humans are individually very different.

Within the litany of social ills we bestow upon ourselves continually the seemingly most popular these days is to proclaim that the justice system is broken.  Cops are unfair in their brutality of the under privileged, judges are unfair in their sentencing, legal representation is unfair across the economic classes, lawyers are unfair, the incarceration process is inconsistent and unjust, hell… even the Constitution can be interpreted as being unfair. Continue reading

Cuba… Redux

That was then.. this is now.  Time marches on.

That was then.. this is now. Time marches on.

The U.S. has now begun formalizing and normalizing relations with Cuba.  Good!  Great, even!  I’ve been preaching that we’ve needed to do this for decades.  As I look back on my life this is one of those event milestones where I was there at the inception and for the end… like the fall of Soviet communism and the Berlin Wall, relations with China, burying the hatchet with Vietnam, the return to Coke Classic, etc. Continue reading