From this distance we humans all look the same.  But move in a bit closer and you can see we humans are individually very different.

From this distance we humans all look the same. But move in a bit closer and you can see we humans are individually very different.

Within the litany of social ills we bestow upon ourselves continually the seemingly most popular these days is to proclaim that the justice system is broken.  Cops are unfair in their brutality of the under privileged, judges are unfair in their sentencing, legal representation is unfair across the economic classes, lawyers are unfair, the incarceration process is inconsistent and unjust, hell… even the Constitution can be interpreted as being unfair. Continue reading

Cuba… Redux

That was then.. this is now.  Time marches on.

That was then.. this is now. Time marches on.

The U.S. has now begun formalizing and normalizing relations with Cuba.  Good!  Great, even!  I’ve been preaching that we’ve needed to do this for decades.  As I look back on my life this is one of those event milestones where I was there at the inception and for the end… like the fall of Soviet communism and the Berlin Wall, relations with China, burying the hatchet with Vietnam, the return to Coke Classic, etc. Continue reading

OMG! Do I Now Know The Meaning Of Life?


Thank Gawd there’s those three indicators to let you know when you have reached senior citizen status otherwise I might miss something.

  1. When you qualify for Social Security.
  2. When you qualify to be a Walmart greeter.
  3. When people expect you to know the meaning of life.

(you can’t count when you first started receiving AARP membership junk mail because they do that at 50.. well before you are a senior citizen) Continue reading

A List Of Critical Thinking Talking Points About The CIA, Torture, And The American Way

..truth, justice, and the American way!

.. for truth, justice, and the American way!


Today the Senate Intelligence Committee (hmm.. just saw that… a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it?) released its report on CIA torture from 2002 – 2006 to gather intel from detainees regarding planned threats like 9/11.  You can read more detail from any of the networks and cable news but the essence of the report focuses on torture methods allegedly used that allegedly could be illegal, or in the least could be against our moral convictions as lovers of the U.S. Constitution.  You know… lately I’ve been getting a tad fatigued with the seemingly sensational way all the news agencies and networks report breaking news.

Continue reading

I Am NOT A White Racist But It Seems I’m A Racist Because I Am White


By the time you get to be my age you’ve experienced a fair amount of history.  Among the history that has passed my way has been the social struggles of black America.  I have been around since the early struggles of what is called the modern civil rights movement of the 50’s, through school desegregation and freedom marches of the 60’s, to civil unrest and urban violence of the late 60’s and early 70’s, to all the controversial cases in the past 20 years that have brought out racially motivated police brutality, racially biased justice systems, skewed racial demographics in our prison populations… well, let’s face it, having been a white person most of my life I guess I am somehow responsible for all the black racial tension and injustice in America.  Well, that’s kinda how I feel at the moment. Continue reading

Shoot-To-Kill vs. Shoot-To-Disable… I Wonder……..


There seems to be an increasing number of events involving police shootings in this country where the victims were perceived to be a physical threat to the officer at the scene.  The officer felt the need to use deadly force, only to find that the victim was unarmed or somehow not essentially intending or capable of being the perceived threat.  For the moment, let’s remove all the urges to apply some racial overtones to some profiling an officer might have conjured up in what he saw as a threat to his life.  For our discussion purposes here let’s take this as simply, regardless of race, an officer involved shooting to defend himself where the victim was unarmed. Continue reading