In “happier” times

Go figure my first real post and it’s about this guy.  Okay, before we get too carried away here, this post’s title is more sarcasm than celebration.  I guess if you’re Libyan this has great meaning,real and symbolic.  No argument there.  The peoples of any country who will rise up and remove a dictator, or any unpopular leader, has the right to establish victory and celebration.  But I guess I am looking down the road here, maybe three weeks away, when the celebrations have vanished and someone else takes over or the country settles into a long unstable recovery, like in Egypt.

In my life you’ve seen these kinds of guys come and go.. rise and fall… and in most cases things don’t change all that much… everyone in the Arab world still hates the U.S.  As an American sitting here at home, languishing on my recliner in front of the TV, free from dodging bullets (in a war zone, that is), I find myself saying… so what.  Yeah, it’s drama, for sure.  It certainly is technologically amazing that we can see Gadhafi’s body almost to the minute after he was shot… before rigor mortis even takes over.  But while we are all happy to see these countries come to grips with open revolt to oust their dictators during an emotional time, so-called the “Arab Spring”, the end result is likely to be the same… America is not likely to win any endearment from the people.  New governments will take over and old disgruntled views of the American infidel will continue.

If we win any “friends” after all this it will likely be the same “friendship” we have with the Saudis.. they don’t like us.. they accept us.  That’s a huge difference.  Yeah, it’s all about oil.  I don’t think there’s any reason to keep trying to hide that.  Oil is a valuable commodity and as such to obtain it requires.. dare I say it?  Politics.  I have this little hope in the back of

Hasta la Vista, baby.

my mind that now with Gadhafi gone and the new guy(s) is taking over that maybe rather than paying us Americans back for the military contribution, we hold out for some better trade interests in the oil and some general trade advantages for the future.  This kind of thing stimulates greater trade for America and creates jobs along the way.   I don’t think this is going to happen, frankly.  Whether these new Arab governments choose a theocracy or some form of democracy they will still dislike us.  When you ask them why, it all seems to go back to supporting Israel.  I have NO problem with Israel (they are actually real friends) as a state but maybe the time is ripe for the U.S. to distance some politics from Israel.  But this is a topic for another post.

Gadhafi is dead.  More of the same.


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