My Birthday Misconceptions… And Conceptions

One of the more fortunate things about having a birthday in January is that I can kinda tie my own thought processes in with the coming new year. 

Not me but I sometimes feel like this.

For example, within two weeks I begin my 62nd revolution around the sun at the same time I begin whatever new year’s resolutions I might have conjured up to make myself feel better about the future.  Looking back on the past calendar 12 months is also like looking back on my own calendar 12 months.  I am in sync with the passage of time and the calendar new beginning is also my own new beginning.

Well, me and new year’s resolutions never have gotten along all that well and I would have preferred a birthday at a warmer time of the year (better for parties).   Not having a birthday so close to the Christmas/New Year’s hangover would have been a little nicer (birthday gifts would likely have been more expensive).  Plus, it’s always cold on my birthday, with likely snow on the ground.  On top of it all, my birthday is the same day as that of President Nixon.  Was I traumatized by all this unfairness in life?  Nah.  I had great family and friends while growing up so the positives outweighed the negatives by a country mile.  I had a fair number of sledding parties, and Nixon ended up being my commander-in-chief and gave me a big raise in pay while I was defending the country from the Communist horde.  I can’t complain.  After all, my birthday is the result of the conception of others.

I guess if one cares to imagine their own point of conception (kinda scary, actually) that would mean my birth parents (I am adopted) got it on sometime in May of 1950.  That would have been late Springtime.  Nothing wrong with that.  In Spring a young man’s fancy turns toward love, so they say.  Likley the birds were chirping, the clouds were puffy, and lawn mowers were humming in the background.  Hmmm… humming lawn mowers?  I wonder what exactly was going on in the world at the time I was conceived.  I wonder what my folks might have been listening to on TV or radio that fateful day.  What might have been on their minds (other than being horny) as they ended that day?

Well, in May, 1950…
May 6Liz Taylor‘s first marriage… Conrad Hilton, Jr.
(Just another Hollywood marriage between two rich people.)
May 9L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics.
(Not likely my folks at the time cared about that newsbreaking event.  Some things don’t change.)
May 13Diner’s Club issues first credit cards.
(The pandemic starts… or is it, pandamonium?)
May 14The Huntsville Times runs the headline, “Dr. von Braun Says Rocket Flights Possible to Moon.
(Yeah, sure.. fat chance of that happening.)

May 21 – Vietnamese troops of Ho Chi-Minh attack Cambodia
(Who is Ho Chi-Minh and where the heck is Vietnam?)

Gasoline was 27 cents/gal… postage stamps were 3 cents… average salary was $3,800/yr… and minimum wage was 75 cents/hr.

Ever look close at the tiny dot before it faded away?

Where us Boomers might have had sex with Carson, Leno, or Letterman in the background, I may have been conceived during Cavalcade Of Stars, Meet The Press, Roller Derby, The Original Amatuer Hour, Arthur Godfrey, Garroway At Large, or Hopalong Cassidy.



Interesting to note that if all this historical fact were true this day and age then likely no one would be having sex.  But.. it’s all relative.  In fact… so is having a birthday.  Nothing ill-conceived about that.

And, yes.. there were lawn mowers back in May of 1950.



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