“Where Is America?!”

On CNN today they are showing images provided by a Syrian activist named “Danny“, showing the death and destruction going on in the city of HomsHe’s standing amid the damage and asks, “Where is America?”.  Somehow, as an American, I am left to wonder what the world truly expects of us.

United (States) Parcel Service.

From the American people...

Look, I have no problem whatsoever in our country accepting a measure of responsibility as a world power and helping struggling nations and being the world’s policeman.  But it always seems that when we do these things then these same countries end up on the evening news hating us down the line.  It seems if you are a revolutionary then you want American support, and once you win the revolution it’s the Americans that are the cause of all your growing pains.

Another thing… I am not all that crazy about the idea that some of these nations we try to help using our military prowess and lives of our soldiers have cultures that just don’t not fit in with our idea of human rights.  This is mostly with the theocratic governments, based on religious extremism, that tend to hold females in subserviant roles and incorporate abusive and deadly punishments for benign social infractions, all in the name of their religion.

Yet another thing… each time we remove a middle east dictator why is it always the bigger problem afterwards of trying to create a representative government with a dozen or so tribes who have vendettas against each other?  Maybe we are better off leaving these dictators in power because some controlling authority is better than none.  Maybe if people want to overthrow their governments they need to get pissed off enough to follow through with the entire process and not wait for the West to bail them out.  We had to earn our freedom… they should earn their’s.

And what’s the deal with Russia?  Yeah.. they aren’t communist anymore but you’d think they would be more political buddies with us in world affairs.  I know our two countries are linked in the market place and there are some good relations behind the scenes.  But why are their political and human views on world affairs constantly at odds with ours?

(Doesn’t Putin look like actor Daniel Craig.. “James Bond”?)

Well.. so much for my Thursday morning mindless political rant.  I’ll be waiting at the phone for the President’s call.


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