Crying Freedom Is More Than Just Sending Cell Phone Video

If we look back on history and review the forms of government that have stood the test of time you will likely find that there was great turmoil and social upheaval that led to it.  Sometimes these civil wars lasted for generations.  Some of these battles were gut-wrenching bloodbaths and even genocide.  But what was achieved in the end was what the citizens of those countries wanted, paid for in blood, sweat, and tears.  In most cases the result has been some form of a democratically represented government and a constitution expressing social freedoms based on interpretations of individual human rights.

Since 9/11 our country has taken on the responsibility of nation-building those nations in which we have felt an obligation to invade and overthrow the current leadership.  As you know, “building” Iraq and Afghanistan in some democratic form is likely not going to stick without some internal struggles for years to come.  The reason?  Because their peoples did not win it for themselves… we handed it to them.

The same goes for those people directly involved with the so-called “Arab Spring” struggles.  While we all praise the idea that the Internet and smart phones have allowed news to escape locked down societies and have graphically shown how murder and mayhem is tragic, what exactly is do be done? 

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...

The new symbol of freedom.

It’s the idea that “We need to show the world… this is our cry for help because innocent people are being murdered!”  Yes… I know.  This is the nature of war and civil war.  Your leader, which collectively as a people you have permitted to retain power for as long as you have, has decided to kill your families because you are demonstrating against his rule in the streets.

So, Mr. Citizen of a Mid East Country, by sending me that phone video are you wanting me to come there and save you and your family from being murdered?  If I do that, it will likely mean I will have to get rid of your leader and his government.  You will likely be ok with that.  You are begging me to get involved and using my own history of achieving freedom as an inspiration.  But do you want me to impose my idea of democracy and freedom once your leader is gone?  I’m not so sure because once your leader is gone you are going to remember that old grudge you had with the neighbor down the street and the group he belongs to.  I am guessing you want me to hold off giving you freedom and democracy until you had time to settle a few scores?

Look… freedom does not come cheap.  To give it value, to make it successful, will likely take a lot of spilled blood… of your citizens, women and children.  The violence has to suck enough for you to want freedom so badly it becomes part of who you are, and less about what the guy’s ancestors down the street did 100 years ago to your ancestors.

An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone.

Hotline to America

But you know what… just keep sending me those cell phone videos of your suffering and sooner or later we will feel guilty of our own freedoms enough to help you out… enough even to risk some of my fellow citizens.  When we’ve gotten you out of your jam you can simply throw us out of your country later.

You’re welcome.



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