Yeah, You’re Right… I Don’t Know The Muslim Mindset. Your Point?

Why does it seem like we (Americans, and Westerners in general) are constantly apologizing to Muslims of the Middle East and the world for some new transgression against their lifestyle/beliefs?  Now we have some NATO troops having burned some copies of the Quran and some other papers because they contained “extemist writings”.  Apparently these publications and writings were located at a detention center library at Bagram Airfield and were deemed “facilitating extremist communication”.  Makes sense to me. 

But why must everything Muslim have its extremes?  I mean, it’s always religious extremists that want to blow up things and kill innocent people of regardless of religion (and killing Americans always prompts a little more zeal in their efforts).  It’s political extremists that sort of want to do the same but a lot of them will also just participate in “spontaneous” mob demonstrations for whatever reason, usually burning the American flag.  So, who are these “extemists” who we see on the news all upset, spouting off anti-American sentiment (wasn’t it NATO troops that did the burning?) ?  I mean, aren’t all these demonstrating people (always just men) Afghans?  Did we not just spend the last ten years of blood, sweat, and lots of tears kicking out the Taliban to give these people freedom?  Does the Quran teach intolerence to all Westerners even if they freed you from some level of oppression?  Isn’t there some level of Muslim common sense that might just give us a benefit of the doubt when something like this occurs given we sacrificed our soldiers to allow them the freedom to scream and yell in the streets for American blood?

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (June 13, 2010) — Afghan...

Karzai. Are we answering to him?

Why the hell are WE apologizing to President Hamid Karzai for this?  Why are our generals and commanders in the region groveling in apologies?  We always promise official investigations, justice will prevail, heads will roll, each and every time something like this happens.  What about calling to justice those demontrators that killed the 12 UN people in the Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif when that nutcase Florida pastor taunted Muslims by burning a copy of the Quran last year?  There is a true double-standard here all for the expediency of political correctness because we fear the Muslims of the world.

Yes.. we fear Muslims, and they know it.  We are tiptoeing all the time trying to make sure Muslims don’t interpret some real or contrived act against their religion as a reason for some holy jihad against Americans.  No.. I don’t want a holy war against the Muslims of the Middle East.  In the end no one is a winner.. the Crusades proved that.  From a political and strategic standpoint it’s nearly impossible setting up democracies because of all the tribal and factional antagonisims going back centuries.  I’m afraid if America is assuming the role as the world’s policeman in order to maintain the international status quo then we are going to continue to be vulnerable in this way.

But as an American I am sick and tired of seeing our collective reaction in having to cater to the Middle East Muslims for each little infraction that to them weighs heavier than all the good we’ve tried to do for them… welcomed or not.  I am also tired of hearing from domestic Muslims living here trying to somehow explain the actions of their bretheren overseas… or blaming everything on extremists who are interpreting the Quran “incorrectly”.

Americans are by nature extrodinarily patient and tolerant.. and we do tend to forgive, many times forgetting.  It seems a better result that Arab Muslims would get more mileage in trying to relate to us about their culture by using our own media as their megaphone to teach us rather than probing our vulnerabilities to exploit us poltically.  We are not going away.  The infidels and Great Satan is here to stay so better off trying to learn to live with us.  We should be doing the same but I am guessing the governments of the Middle East don’t want American influence corrupting their citizens.

Afghanistan… fear not.  We will be out of there soon and you can bury yourself back into the stone age and pummel each other yet again.

Iraq… pretty much the same.  Mind your own business and don’t invade your neighbors and you won’t hear from us again.  Go find another dictator to keep your warring tribes in order.  If you want to make money then pump oil.  Otherwise shut up.

Iran… doesn’t look like we are gonna allow you to have any nukes and likely we will have to bomb you into compliance.  But you will still be able to consume yourselves from within in the name of God.  Behave and sell your oil.

Here’s a good idea.. maybe Arab Muslims should police their own kind. 


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