Jeez, Bill, You’re Looking Kinda Old. (to Bill Murray)

Having a Boomer-themed blog does seem to suggest that many of my posts might have some elements of having to accept the aging process.  After all, accepting the inevitable is something our generation never quite wanted to do.  Given that it might also seem like I am obsessed with aging… or trying to avoid it.  Actually, this post could be “Chapter 2” to my earlier post about senior discounts and being a blessed old man.

From “Stripes”

The same day of my bus experience into senior discount land I watched a DVD movie, Get Low, starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, and Bill Murray.  It was a well done movie, apparently true to real world facts about a hermit-like fellow who wanted to arrange and experience his own funeral service and celebration while he was still alive.  Now we all know Bill Murray as a comic that made some great movie comic classics, not to mention being one of the original funny guys when SNL started in the 70’s.  Seeing him in the occassional drama is a bit out-of-character, but he did well in this.

..with the unlicensed nuclear reactor on his back.

But… damn, Bill… you’ve gotten age on you, pal.  That must mean… yep… I must look similar.   That’s all I needed to complete my somber travel day.  You see, Bill was born just about 3.5 months ahead of me.  He’s also from the Chicago area (Wilmette, actually).  I’ve watched him in some form or another his entire career.  In fact, we are actually buddies… but he doesn’t know it.  So we have this connection, albeit in my imagination.

So when I see Bill all puffy and wrinkley and not quite as slim and trim as he was in the olden days I am left mourning over my own appearance.  Ugh!

Current look. That’s ok.. we have the same chin.

Ok.. I promise… no more “poor me, I’m getting old” posts for at least another week.  It’s just that I’m always being reminded.  Kinda feels like the movie, Groundhog Day.

Make it go away!!


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