My Opinion On Political Opinion: A Reflection on Reflections

Many of the blog sites I visit contain various degrees of personal political opinion as their theme and while I find some of it enlightening in presentation (some people write pretty good) I find myself having grown tired of it all.  Likely due to my age, I find a lot of this political and election opinion a re-hash of elections in the pre-Internet past.  Yeah, when I was younger I had passion for the day’s political events and I did debate my opinion with the best of those who cared to listen.  But in reading much of what is being currently opinionized is a lot like going back in time to the same things we always debated back in the day.  Taxes, the deficit, the War (which back then was Vietnam), the latest potential military hot spot, the demise of Social Security, civil rights (as it pertained to African-Americans… not Hispanics), health care, and the excesses of big business.  I suppose what I am saying is that nothing seems to change.

President Barack Obama addresses the Health Ca...

Everyone has an opinion.

There is another frustration I feel and that is I am finding it more difficult to separate fact from fiction in current poltical arguments.  I want to be an informed person but in spite of information being available at my fingertips through the Internet it can be tough separating the wheat from the chaff.  Emotionalism takes priority over truth.  That’s why I tend to check out “fact” sites, like, and I do enjoy when the news networks present their own fact check segments.  So it’s not that I “don’t care” but rather I defer my opinion.

I did get a little worked up when Obama entered the political arena.  That was due primarily to his rare charisma and not a lot of the leaders in MY past reflected this degree of persona.  He was also black and therefore I had a desire to take part in a measure of historical importance in my lifetime.  In fact, as this is being written, Obama, in my book, is hands-down going to win a second term simply because no republicans are his dynamic equal.  Yet everyone is meandering about and pontificating their ideas as if it will make a difference.  Ok.. it’s part of the process and we need to go through it because we don’t always agree with each other and that’s why we are Americans.

 May_30_Health_Care_Rally_NP (312)

But when you’ve been through a lot of elections there are a lot of similarities and that tends to make one weary with the routine of politics.  On the other hand… I sometimes feel a little guilty that my advancing age is making me look at society from the outside in rather than as a participant.  But honestly that is mostly with what I might write in this blog.  After all, my theme here is about aging baby boomers and their past and future.  I have ideas for other blogs that would not necessarily require me to dwell on aging.  But that’s the whole point.. diversity of opinion from various points of view.

So you will likely not read a lot of political opinion in my posts even though this is election time.  I do tend to have opinion on international events because I am a firm believer that the days are gone where we Americans can view ourselves as the only players in the world stage.

Then there’s humor.  You gotta be able to still laugh and that I can do.  Just take this post for example.  I mean who the hell really cares what I might think about politics one way or the other.  Who the hell really cares what direction I take this blog site.  Well, if you are reading this sentence then you pretty much found some redeeming value to reading all this to this point.  I could say, “gotcha!”… but I’d rather you leave here knowing that we do agree on one thing… blogs are entertainment and a reflection of us humans… simply being human.


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