And She Said, “Goddamned Americans!”

That’s what she said.  As I boarded the bus, got my seat, and the bus started to accelerate, I heard a rather loud thump.. like a sack of potatoes falling to the floor.  Well, that description wasn’t far off.  As I turned my head to see what it was all about the head of a middle age Asian woman popped up over the handle barrier of a sidedoor exit well and she said… well, what it says in the title of this post.

Bus Crash

This pic has nothing to do with my post. I placed it here simply to break all the text. It usually doesn't snow in Las Vegas.

You see, it seems this lady was standing, as so often people on a bus do, near one of those side exits on the bus in preparation to exit at the next stop.  Apparently when I boarded the bus she moved to the exit and she wasn’t prepared for the bus moving.. and she must have fell against one of the handle barrier supports and landed on the floor.  I guess she didn’t hurt herself in any great way.. other than her pride perhaps.  The bus driver seemed totally engrossed in driving and either failed to notice her or chose not to.  When the bus arrived at the next stop she got off… and a couple people mumbled something relative to her IQ as it relates to human excrement.

But the event did manage to get my own grey matter wondering (well, what else do you do on a bus waiting to get there.. wherever “there” is?) why she chose to blame Americans in general for her falling on a bus .   The other interesting observation was that no one on the bus challenged her remark.  I mean, I’ve been on some bus rides where the passengers in general were in a mood to not only vote someone off the bus but to eject them under the wheels upon exiting.  This bus group, which only numbered about 10, was pretty benign… sadly.  I would have loved listening to some vigorous patriotic discourse.

I guess it’s safe assumption that she was not American.  She did know English (at least two words that we can confirm) which might mean she had some level of education from wherever she came from in Asia; but that doesn’t mean to imply she had any higher education.  She dressed rather common for her middle age; much like the rest of us passengers dressed for urban bus travel.   Her plump physical stature was just that.. a plump, short Asian woman.  So maybe she had a bad day here in America.  Maybe someone brought her here against her will.  Maybe Las Vegas offended her socialist morality and she took a bus ride to get away from it all, only to fall victim to more American excess (our affinity with the gas pedal, I’m guessing).

Anyway, I didn’t feel so guilty in replaying that sack-o-potatoes sound over and over again in my head and imagining her be bounced around a bit… and laughing (but one of those LOL’s no one hears cause I was on the bus).  Gotta love goddamned American sense of humor.

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