More “Disgusting” Acts Of War? Gimmie A Break.

Again there’s pictures circulating around webdom showing U.S. soldiers displaying dead bodies.  In this case, as being reported today, are a couple soldiers and at least one Afghan soldier holding for the camera a pair of severed legs from a suicide bomber.  And again the press is running with this nonesense that suggests war should be “sterile” and fought humanely.  Yeah, right.

Rather than belabor all the points I made in my earlier post, Disgusting Acts Of War… And Why, from January 12, suffice to say this time around there is a message being sent with this photo.

The message is… This is what happened to the guy who killed himself in order to glorify the killing of innocents in the name of Islam.  Are you suggesting there’s another message here perhaps?  Apparently these soldiers did not kill this guy but certainly were around to clean up this dead guy’s mess (Do you think this guy’s remains were treated all that “respectfully”?  Do you think he got some hero’s Muslim funeral for doing his deed?).

The press is speculating that this will just add to the threat to the safety of our soldiers with reprisal attacks.  Um… aren’t our soldiers there to fight a war anyway?  Now, I will agree that the Islamic extremists generally need little excuse to claim another vendetta against the Great Satan‘s soldiers, but do you honestly think this photo will actually inspire future suicide bombers?  (Hey, fellow terrorists!  We need a suicide bomber to go out and blow up innocent people just to show the infidels that they shouldn’t display the blown up body parts of our suicide bombers.  Not sure how many would line up for that great sacrifice… especially knowing where their own body parts might end up.)

Attention press!  Get over it.  It becomes an issue when you make it an issue.  War is hell; war is sloppy; war is not clean and sanitary no matter how many Geneva conventions you have.  When you are fighting for your life on a field of fire there is no moral high ground because you’ve already violated that supreme moral authority for your country, The Ten CommandmentsThou shalt not kill.  Everything after that has little meaning by comparison.

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