Reflecting Back On Some Notable Past Posts…

If you are like me, when I visit a new blog site where an author has been relatively prolific in their posts I might go back to a few previous ones to get a flavor for the author and their style and content.  If a category strikes me I might click on that and check out the posts listed in there.  But by and large I don’t read everything an author posts; simply not a lot of time for that.  But what happens is that I could very easily miss some great topics and discussions.

So… given I am approaching 100 posts on my blog I thought I might include a few URL’s in this post to some of my more notable past posts.  I’m including only those posts with somewhat timeless themes… in other words, the current events and political stuff reflecting a specific time period I’ve left out.  Most of you regulars weren’t regular readers of my posts at the time.  Give ’em a read when you have the time; replies and discussion are encouraged.

Given the Memorial Day weekend has just passed I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect back on this post I made this last March… Some Personal Thoughts About Being A Military Veteran .

Having a girlfriend at my age poses a kind of dilemma.  Check this out from last December…  “May I Introduce My Girlfriend?” . 

I had a near miss encounter at a local Wal-Mart that inspired this post back in March…  Those Scootered Handicapped! There Outta Be A Law!

In February I must have been in age denial because I had these two posts… Jeez, Bill, You’re Looking Kind Of Old (to Bill Murray)  and then there was… Bless You, Old Man.” And Other Aging Endearments .

This last January I was smitten with some rock & roll reflection and wrote this post…  The Sex Had Waned… The Drugs Have Changed… But The Rock & Roll Hangs In There! 

Then there was my post on bromides… Bromides, Postulates, And Other Assorted Axioms From The Patriarchs .


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