Just Where IS “All Over The Internet”… And How Can I Harness That Power?

I’ve been pretty much involved in the internet in one form or another since the day it started (or evolved).  As with such new social mediums there comes with it the typical caveats to its use, one of them having been since day one… be careful who you share your pics with online.In the early days of email and chat rooms (in the early to mid 90’s… before things like Facebook and YouTube) it was not uncommon to hear the horror stories of people who had shared their pictures (or even documents) to others, only to have them passed around through emails and chat room downloads like an offering plate at a church service, thus embarrassing whoever was in the picture.. even if the pic was just Aunt Edna in a funny hat (or naked).  You soon heard about the girl who sent naked pics to her bf only to have him share with his buddies.. then before you could say zippity-do-dah the pics were all over the internet.

Well, the other day I had written a reply post to my chat buddy, Stacy, at her blog site (http://nonsensetomomsense.com/momsense-by-any-other-name-is-confusing/)… (funny lady.. go visit her) where she was lamenting the need for someone to tend to her site mechanics and search engine optimization.  I got to thinking… just exactly where is “all over the internet”, where all the world’s embarrassing pics and videos end up.. and why cannot that power be harnessed to put MY own blog “all over the internet”?

I mean, some people are paying techies big bucks to keep their sites in the first ten on a Google search.. yet embarrassing pics and videos seem to get far more circulation, far more quickly.  So I thought I would investigate further.  I went to www.allovertheinternet.com and that ended up being a dead url (as of this writing anyway… although…  hmmmm… a smart republican might take the chance to register it now).  Then I got to thinking about those early internet days being a lot like the old wild west; an explosion of communication freedom to tantilize the fantasy senses, and was not for the faint of heart.  A few naked pics went a long way in those days… as did the more simpler pics of life that told stories of everyday life… embarrassing or not…  at the speed of light.  While those heady days empowered Mr. Everyman (and Ms. Everywoman) with access to pornography (especially home-brew) it wasn’t long until people were wary of sending anything through the email for fear of it ending up “all over the internet”.  But actually in those days that meant more about a pic being passed from email to email; more utilizing that 6 degrees of separation thing, to spread the embarrassment.  The average person didn’t have a blog or a personal website hence embarrassing pics were not actually posted on an internet site for viewing by the world.

By comparison nowadays, many people, regardless of age, have a personal website or blogsite… or even Facebook and YouTube sites… for posting pics and video.  Besides the fact that porn on the internet is not unique anymore, people with their own websites are less likely to post pics or vids of sexually compromising situations of friends or relatives for fear of exposing their own moral embarrassments.  What Facebook and YouTube allows is the spreading of visual media not by email-to-email but by viewers to a single site.  So in effect, that embarrassing pic or video of you will likely not be spread “all over the internet” but rather it would likely be viewed by millions going to one website (Facebook or YouTube).  All in all, I’m not so sure one way is any better over the other… when you’re the one being embarrassed.

But if I’m trying to get my blog site noticed to the world it seems I need to make a video these days… if I want my message “all over the internet”.  But as I look at YouTube and see all those benign and boring videos with few viewers I am left thinking that if I make a video it has to be something wild, whacky, borderline tasteless, wait………

…what about a video commercial on YouTube to visit a website?  The video would need to be something truly visually strange or humorous (I am thinking in my head about those Jack Links beef jerky commercials with Sasquatch).   Hmm… gotta go think about this one.  Be back in a minute. 

3 thoughts on “Just Where IS “All Over The Internet”… And How Can I Harness That Power?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Doug!

    Very insightful blog. I’m flattered that I had something to do with you going down this road of thinking. I have two things to add:

    A) If you don’t want to be embarrassed by a weird picture of you, then don’t do stupid stuff in public or in front of people with cameras. I preach this to my kids constantly because everything ends up on FB, and someday you’ll want to get a real job. First place recruiters and HR depts look these days to vet potential employees is FB. Do they really need to see you dressed as Lady Gaga at a Halloween party surrounded by a lovely array of bongs? I think not.

    B) If you want to get noticed on the Internet then write good content…or at least content that people want to read. I have a decent following (as I would guess that you do, too, Doug), yet I’ve sort of plateaued in terms of my traffic and I want to break through to the next level so I can actually monetize my blog. Haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, but when I do I’ll let you know

    Other than that, I got nothin’. (Thanks again for the plugging my blog, Doug. You’re the best!)

    • Yeah.. business and misguided HR departments using FB as some sort of vetting process better wake up. Over time people will either stop FB posts or just think of alternate names. Between this and unnecessary credit checks as hiring criteria.. some rich person(s) should make this an issue in the courts as a point of discrimination by lifestyle profiling.

      When I first started my blog I got a hold of a local AZ guy who wanted to charge me $250 for setting up the site.. then another $250 for SEO work and monetizing the thing. Fair price, but I just haven’t had the bucks so I meander through it myself for now. I do know there are some pretty good freelance PR people out there that can get your name recognition up.. kick start book interest, make you the go-to person for your particular field, maybe get you into writing articles… syndicated, that kinda thing. But you know that will cost a pretty penny more. It’s an investment to be sure. But you are right.. without content worth reading it’s all moot. It’s been a grand experiment for me. At least you have your comedy professional career and ability to speak in public as well.

  2. One observation I have had from growing up alongside the Internet is how less anonymous it has become. The social sites encourage people to bring real identities into the world of the Internet. Less distinction between real and virtual, perhaps that distinction no longer exists.

    As for going viral, I agree, videos seem to be effective. The Internet is such a crowded place these days, it tough to be heard… Looking forward to some youtube boomer rants…

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