Teachers With Guns?? You Gotta Be Nuts! Wellll… I Dunno About That.

I guess we are all going through the thought processes about how we are going to try and protect our children in school, particularly without compromising our personal freedoms or turning schools into fortresses.  I don’t in the least pretend to have all the answers but I do prefer to use a level of common sense to try and wade through what might be fact or fiction.  Of course one of the reasons for this blog is to pass on my observations.

Like many, I’ve been a tad reluctant to sign on with the idea of arming teachers.  If anything I tend to favor an  armed security guard in each school, trained in all emergency situations any school might encounter (not hire an average armed guard), dressed inconspicuously.  But let’s examine this arm-the-teacher thing.

teacherFor years I’ve had this little nagging idea that being a teacher in general has uncommon risk to it.  Let’s face it, a teacher is expected to protect our children while at school.. hence it’s akin to expecting a teacher to take a bullet for your child.  We of course don’t look at being an educator that way, but it is fact.  While in reality any adult might give their life to protect any child in danger simply because it’s a natural instinct for humans, a school environment can be subject to any number of threats, not all of them from nutcases with guns.  There’s earthquakes, weather, and fire.

Teachers are no different than anyone else; they have families and children of their own.  Yet there’s an inherent threat to their personal safety when they go to work each day given they are morally expected to lay down their life to protect your child if the need ever arose.  Now of course we know that risk is numerically minimal but we also know that it can happen, anytime and anywhere (I wonder if this concept is ever taught to our teachers during their training).

So if we accept this risk as being a valid risk in any school environment it kind of paints a different color to the arm-the-teachers debate.  If your loved one was a teacher at Sandy Hook would you have wanted them armed that day?  Think about it.  Even beyond the nominal threats to school safety like fire and weather, schools are in fact, targets for the mentally deranged simply because of access and vulnerability and this will continue.

security_guardBUT… while the arm-the-teacher might be an idea worth considering given the risks to teachers, I think the greater application of common sense would be to immediately hire armed guards in combination with some structural changes to make classrooms “safe rooms”, and harden the school entry points.  Those things can be done fairly quickly and the cost of adding one to two full time guards to a school district payroll could easily be merged into the existing system.  Local districts will have to levy tax increases to cover the structural changes, though very minimal, and the ongoing payroll burden of the added guards.  But this would be the least expensive and quickest way to make an immediate difference for the children.  Let the politicans wrestle with gun control that will likely not affect a thing in the end.

Protect the kids now.

3 thoughts on “Teachers With Guns?? You Gotta Be Nuts! Wellll… I Dunno About That.

  1. Ha! I knew I should’ve gone through my Reader first before posting. Hmm, you have a point that if we expect our teachers to go into schools, knowing they might have to deal with shooters, then we have the moral responsibility to arm them so they can protect themselves and their students. But in my opinion we shouldn’t accept the idea that shooters in schools is a serious possibility. Most people simply have no good reason to own guns, let alone army-grade human-killing machines. Making them illegal, making gun companies stop manufacturing them makes more sense than just accepting the shootings as the new status quo and adjusting school policies. It would also be cheaper than adding security guards to schools. They’re actually cutting teachers and librarians all over the country because of budget deficits.

    • I have no real issue with making gun manufacturers stop making “army-grade” killing guns morally. But in the end where does that leave us in stopping school shootings in the future? There ae still a zillion assault rifles already out there. Even if you succeed in passing a law making those rifles totally illegal and people have to surrender them… most people won’t anyway. But for the sake of argument, let’s presume we have a world totally free of private assault weapon ownership. We still have all the remaining guns… rifles… pistols. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, it seems the whole argument with assault rifles is that they kill a lot a people very quickly. If the Sandy Hook shooter brought in a regular 14 shot pistol (which he did but didn’t use apparently) or 6 shot revolver,are we happy that only 14 people or 6 people may die instead of the carnage of an assault weapon? I mean, morally who decides how many dead kids is “acceptable”? My point is we should aim for the no kids dying solutions.. and not the apparent let’s-ban-assault guns idea which seems to have little or no positive end result other than to make it a tad easier for the coroner at the crime scene. Thanks for your post, by the way. Being Dutch you have a slightly different welcomed viewpoint. 🙂

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