Why Are We So Afraid Of Loosing Our Liberty?

We are the most powerful country in the history of mankind yet we are arguably the one country most passionate about guarding our freedoms against all enemies, foreign or imagined.

"Hummmmmm... hummmmmmmm... You must screw the Middle Class. Hummmmmm...."

“Hummmmmm… hummmmmmmm… You must screw the Middle Class. Hummmmmm….”

On one hand we have the ever growing numbers of people who cry out warnings of grand conspiracy theories regarding secret handshake organzations hell-bent on influencing world events to their own ends… and on the other end we have citizens so in fear that our government will go too far… or too far in another direction… that they need a gun just in case things don’t go their way.  We have citizens who believe that every time we march our troops off to battle in some Third World country that somehow that “war” ends up being a grand fight to protect our Constitutional way of life.  Hell, our entire race to the Moon was based on the fear that the Communist horde would get there before us and point missles our way.

Not only have we got a few of these big sticks, we know how to swing 'em.

Not only have we got a few of these big sticks, we know how to swing ’em.

I mean, c’mon… are we truly that fearful that we will loose our Constitutional way of life to some renegade President with some secret agenda, or to a bunch of rich Shriners from Poughkipsie who are planning to get richer by influencing the price of computer chips to devalue the dollar and dump it all on the Middle Class?  Why are we so fearful of loosing our Bill of Rights when our nation carries the biggest stick in the neighborhood?  For that matter… why are we so afraid of our own government and government leaders?  I realize that they have a historical record of being ineffective in between doing it right once or twice, but a threat to our Bill of Rights?  Nah.

I wonder from time to time how many Congressmen might be on any person’s “sons-of-bitches” list.  For example, everyone in Washington is a member of “those sons-of-bitches in Washington” list.  That’s a given.  But then there’s the subset list… “sons-of-bitches in Congress” list.  You see, it seems whenever we have no one to really blame for our sorry lot in life we assign a “sons-of-bitches” title to the unknown… (or to the democrats… or republicans).  But in the end it’s all those sons-of-bitches out to take away our personal freedoms (“I wouldn’t be in this fix if it wasn’t for those sons-of-bitches!”).

So we go grab a beer from the fridge, open the closet and take out the Bushmaster, flop down in the La-Z-Boy, flip on the TV, give the weapon a few longing caresses, pop in the 30 round clip (which is really called a magazine), pull back the bolt, aim at the TV… and click the trigger at Piers Morgan.  Yeah.  Love being an American.

When I was a kid I thought they were just emptying the toilet.

When I was a kid I thought they were just emptying the toilet.

If man fears that which he does not understand then perhaps we need to talk more to each other because this fear of each other is likely going to be our downfall as a nation… and not some 21st century version of the Illuminati or the Knights Templar spewing chem trails from a passing airliner… or the threat of zombies.


Gotta get those zombie sons-of-bitches!

Gotta get those zombie sons-of-bitches!


2 thoughts on “Why Are We So Afraid Of Loosing Our Liberty?

  1. Good post. I also think it’s easier to have all these consiracy theories that can go on for years because of the enormous number of television channels and radio channels. There’s a “news” channel and a talk radio show for everyone, and you never have to hear the other side. Nor are the conspiracy theorists ever challenged before their viewers or listeners. This makes a sane conversation impossible and I really worry. It seems that the country is rapidly going completely crazy.

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