My New Blog

My New Blog

Yes… it’s my new blog about DOOMSDAY!  Ok.. well… sad as that theme sounds, doomsday prepping is popular these days, as is zombies running amok and eating the brains of those of us still living.  But actually, my new blog is more cerebral on the subject.  My approach is not about the latest and greatest in freeze dried survival anything or proper caliber of weapon for killing alien invaders, and more about the human and mental conditioning for addressing survival situations.

You see, while the reality prepper TV shows and popular computer games are relishing in the idea of meeting the various doomsday scenarios with bunkers and bedlam the reality is that whatever befalls humanity, whether local or world wide, will be nothing we’ve ever seen before.  As recent weather tragedies like Katrina and the storms along the east coast, fires in the West have illustrated, us humans are fragile creatures and when it comes to personal survival nothing is sacred and everything is up for grabs.  Looting, murder, mayhem, will rule the day.  It’s my self-appointed job to present a more down-to-earth image of what will actually occur after that proverbial third day when our pantries run out of Spam, Spaghetti-O’s, and Cheese Shells.   Certain members of our society will not fare well at all following a doomsday event while others might have a chance.  Government will wither up and die while anarchy reigns.  People who were unknown and had averge occupations in good times will become dictators, leaders, even heros.  Certainly it will not be a Kumbya moment for humanity.

I do try and interject some levity into a normally somber discussion because there is a fair amount of humor that can be derived from some of the prepper antics of some people.  But at the end of the day (like today.. not the end of Judgement Day) there is always hope that us humans will continue to dodge whatever malady might strike us all.  If for nothing else maybe you can come away with a litte bit of knowledge on how to approach the next regional disaster or even a personal disaster; it is usually just a frame of mind that makes the difference.

So I invite all my readers of this blog to continue to be bored reading my other blog.  Most of all, send me your input, thoughts, opinions.  It’s entertainment mixed with some reality.  In the meantime.. I hope to continue posting in here as well.  I’ll try to be more frequent than nothing since this last May. 🙂



  1. Why Doug! I am shocked! I didn’t know you were a zombie hater and a doomsday prepper!!??
    Got your atomic shelter ready? I might ask you for a spot if the famed killer asteroid hits us…Or some alien invasion. Anyway, congrats on your new blog

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