Wow! Where Have I Been?? Apathetic Boredom.


My thought exactly.

My thought exactly.


I’ve not posted in here since November, 2013! Why??

Apathy. Disinterest. Not in the mood. Boredom. No.. not writer’s block (although I’ve been there before). I just wasn’t inspired or impassioned enough to slap sentences together that my ego thinks others would be interested in reading. I think the new term is apathetic boredom.

Recently I read an article that attempts to identify this… situation. Apparently there are four identified types of boredom in the world.

You can go to this link to read the entire article published in The Independent…

“Are you indifferent, restless or apathetic? Scientists identify a fifth type of boredom.”

…but here are a few tidbits…

Previously, it was thought that people could suffer from “indifferent boredom”, in which people felt withdrawn but relaxed; “calibrating boredom”, a feeling of uncertainty in which people are receptive to but do not seek out change; “searching boredom”, which is restless and pursues distraction; and “reactant boredom”, wherein people are motivated to leave their situation for a specific change.

So we have a new one.

Dubbed “apathetic boredom”, it elicits a feeling of learned helplessness similar to depression.

No, no.. I don’t have any sort of depression (in the clinical sense) going on. I mean, I’m not feeling compelled to post a meandering manifesto on what pisses me off about the world nor do I feel an urge to acquire a gun and shoot up something. But I think we can safely presume that boredom of any kind need not suggest overt depression but rather a temporary indifference (like watching a bad movie or listening, again, to one of Uncle Joe’s rants about how great the Packers are). In my case, my lapse in making posts in here was a measure of apathy and boredom…. temporarily. 

So why have I returned to writing in here? Well… it’s not in response to the screaming cries of my devoted readership (there were no such cries from any of my “readership”). I suppose we meander through life reacting to the ups and downs of what impacts us (or not) which sometimes can provide the seed for writing inspiration. In the past I’ve been typically inspired by memories, which then spawns the comparison of growing up Baby Boomer as it relates to current social trends. I’ve also been inspired by current events in the news which would run the spectrum of history, politics, culture, and society. Hell, everyone has an opinion and in my case I write it down simply to try and draw in responses from others of my “compelled to read & write” ilk. It’s escapism. I get to venture out from my social isolation and dabble with typed words in a medium that gives me an audience (even if it IS only Aunt Edna).

Soo… with apathetic boredom gone (for the moment) I am venturing out again.

2 thoughts on “Wow! Where Have I Been?? Apathetic Boredom.

  1. Thought I would see what words of inspiration or at the very least words of contemplation you had been leaving. Nothing for 8 months?

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