Are You As Fed Up With Islam As I Am? Just Asking… Why?

Normally I'd hesistate posting a pic with this obvious manipulative message... but it's how I feel at the moment.

Normally I’d hesistate posting a pic with this obvious manipulative message… but it’s how I feel at the moment.

This is going to be a rant on Islam. No, I’m not entering into some tirade about kick-ass retribution. I consider myself a politically patient and above average-informed fellow but this nonsense growing in Iraq (and Iran, and Afghanistan, and Syria, and parts of Africa, and elsewhere) year after year after year is just getting old. Thanks to our American news coverage (be it factual, propaganda, or someone’s conspiracy theory agenda) this is how I view extremist Islam… and Islam in general…

    • They (extremists) hate Americans. Why? I don’t recall our military conquering or oppressing them nor do I recall any hate rhetoric from our politicians threatening their existence. Yes, there’s all those complex explanations about cultural diversity in the Third World, and how certain radical Islamists hate Americans for siding with the Israelis or some neighboring Arab tribe, or simply because we have a decadent society (compared to their society?), or some drone strike to take out one of their leaders allegedly killed an entire wedding party the leader was using for cover.
    • They hate each other; the tribe next door. There’s always old scores to settle, whether it’s between Muslims in the Mid East or in Africa. Is there a chapter in the Koran that encourages retribution against anyone who did you wrong (Thou shalt settle old scores.)?
    • Their random suicide bombings just kill everyone beside just the people they target and hate; their own people, other faithful traditional Islamists, innocent kids who barely know what religion is. To what point?
    • What exactly is feeding all this hate, and how are they (the violent extremists) finding all their followers? Do the “thousands” of ISIS extremists, apparently advancing on Baghdad as I write this, ALL have a family member get killed by some wayward drone or missile attack where they now feel compelled to kill anything that moves that doesn’t show the secret handshake? What about the Islamic family survivors of victims of Muslim suicide bombers… don’t any of them get mad enough to want to kill extremists?
    • Islam, in general, seems to be a male-centric religion. It seems any Arab country, peaceful or not, has a measure of female oppression under the guise of religion. Western society doesn’t believe in that, hence there’s not a lot of Western sympathy for Islam in general when stories creep out of women having limited liberties compared to men, or being stoned to death for seemingly mild social infractions (some incidents in meting out Islamic justice have even occurred in the States among believers of so-called “strict”.. not extremist… Islam).
    • If the vast majority of the believers of Islam are peaceful and contribute to a peaceful society… where are they? The extremists’ primary camouflage is being able to mix in with the general population. With the close family unit it’s got to be very easy to notice the terrorists in the neighborhoods. Yet, no one seems to turn anyone else in, nor has there been any attempt that I am aware of for the peaceful believers getting mad enough to organize their own protection against extremists. I’m guessing… the peaceful believers are too scared to act against their extremist brethren.

Don’t ask me if I’ve read the Koran in order to point out my ill-informed ignorance of Islam. Of course I haven’t. Did those Mid East guys who attacked us on 9/11 ever read The Bible? You think that ISIS army heading for Baghdad, killing everything in sight, has read The Bible? I doubt that sincerely. But.. I acknowledge religious diversity. Does Islam? Do Islamic extremists?

Let's hope these guys don't have to go back there again.

Let’s hope these guys don’t have to go back there again.

I’m fed up with fearing Islam  and America’s past policies in the region being scattered and not doing a damn thing. Of course we are there (in the region) because of oil. That’s no secret and I truly don’t fault that as a reason. Political and economic stability in the oil producing countries is important not only to the producing country itself but also to the world economy. Petroleum production feeds more than just our gas tanks. Saddam overtly and belligerently invaded Kuwait, a non-threatening sovereign nation. We were correct in going there in the first Iraq war to liberate Kuwait, but we should have removed Saddam from government at that time. We have done that in previous wars. Remove the dictator to win the war to remove any future threat to peace.

Ok.. rant’s over… but the conflicts in the Mid East and Africa are long from being over… because of some interpretation of Islam.

But consider this… my remarks here will likely be tempered with reason over time.  Many Americans feel this way solidly out of frustration.


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