So, Hillary And Bill Were Dead Broke When They Left The White House?

On their way to being dead broke!

On their way to being dead broke!

I guess we need to define what exactly “dead broke” means.

Well, being “flat broke” means, no money left until next payday, not having enough to satisfy the bill collectors, and living paycheck to paycheck (the proverbial balancing act for most Americans these days).  In other words… me.I suppose to a homeless person, who we generally assume is all but removed from the economic grid altogether, “dead broke” defines the lowest of the economically low we can think of… essentially not having the proverbial pot to piss in (although having a pot to piss in is not really required in our society given the availability and ready access to any public location deemed fit for such an act, like a wall, or tree, or alley).

When I was growing up I ran into folks who would use being “flat broke” as an excuse for not wanting to do something… like preferring to stay at home rather than go out drinking.  But it seemed, more often than not, being “flat broke” was a current state of affairs; in other words, your wallet is empty but not necessarily your bank account.  I had a buddy years ago who would say he was broke, which simply meant he had no immediate cash because it was all in the bank, or tied up in CD’s.  Yeah, he had money. But he was always “broke”.

But then that brings up the degree of being broke.  For example, you can be just plain broke, which is assumed to be a temporary thing until you get to an ATM.  Being “flat” broke suggests a more deeper.. ‘being broke’ situation.  Hillary said her and Bill were “dead broke”.  That seems pretty broke to me.  “Dead” anything sounds bad.

You can always revert to the I-don’t-have-a-pot-to-piss-in kinda broke as that implies a more serious level of being broke.  More like, not only do you not have any money but you don’t own anything.  There is a level of being broke called, “I’m broker than broke.”  That’s usually a no-money-till-payday serious broke, but not earthshaking.  The worst is likely they-just-took-the-car broke.  You couldn’t pay them cause you were flat broke, and now after the repo you can’t even get to work or find a job, thus making your potential for earning really bad.  That sorta ranks up there with getting-kicked-in-the-nuts broke, and sorta ranks up there with “dead broke”.

Hillary announcing that her and Bill were dead broke.

Hillary announcing that her and Bill were dead broke.

Ok.. so how do we manage to rate Hillary’s being dead broke?  What’s missing in the definition of “dead broke” and all its various levels, is a person’s potential for earning/acquiring money, in spite of their current situation of being dead broke.  I’m flat broke.. but my earning potential will assure a paycheck on payday because I have a job.  In Hillary & Bill’s case they were indeed out of a job.  But because of their immediate earning potential (Bill going on the speaking circuit, Hillary entering politics) I don’t think they qualify for being dead broke.  Yeah, they had the mortgages on their properties and campaign bills putting them in big debt, but let’s face it… neither of them were going to end up homeless and without a pot to piss in.  So, yeah.. I’m not so sure I can buy Hillary’s “dead broke” comments.  Maybe more like “flat broke”, perhaps.  Either way, Hillary, you get on the phone, tell the bill collectors and the banks, “Hey, the former President of the United States and I recently lost our job and are going to need about 90 days before we can resume making payments on everything.  You think you can give us a little leeway until Bill’s speaking and presidential pension checks come in?” (hell, the best I can do in a similar situation is get a two week extension… on a post dated check).  Not many people (especially in the middle class) can continue their job influence like that after they just lost their job (and we aren’t even considering all the political friends that could have spotted them some cash until they got back up on their feet).

 No, I think “dead broke” is something the Clintons will never be,

even after the zombie apocalypse.

 Hillary Clinton poses with her new book "Hard Choices" during a book signing in New York


The Buffoonery Of It All

Oh, by the way… satire aside, the fact that Hillary pronounced her and Bill as having been dead broke means absolutely nothing.  If your opinion of Hillary Clinton rests solely on this remark somehow being reflective of someone “out of touch with the middle class” then your mind is smaller than you think.  You’re being manipulated by the constant barrage of the press.  Of course rich people are out of touch with the middle class (whatever that truly means).  That’s one of the perks of being rich.  Politicians are generally wealthy and we want them that way.  It reflects a level of independence and ability to wield power effectively.  Generally speaking they can’t be “bought” and they generally have experience in running a business, negotiating, and working with people to effect change.  All valuable assets for public office.  The Clinton’s wealth has not been inherited; they earned it by exploiting what elected office did for them.  How they conducted themselves during their time in office has made them popular.  Like them or hate them for sound reasons… not some ridiculousness about their financial condition.  In her mind they were, in fact, going through some personal financial struggles at the time and from her perspective they were indeed dead broke, albeit not like you or I might experience it.  If you dislike Hillary Clinton then dislike her for real reasons.



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