My Racist Confession

obama_laThe only thing I’ve ever done in my aging adult years that could be considered racist (other than the other evening when I spotted with my peripheral vision two black gentlemen, wearing wife beater tees, displaying neck gold and armfuls of tattoos, walking toward me, while I slipped into a slight “white person” feeling of heightened awareness from stereotypical racism until they safely passed me) is that I voted for Obama in the first election; I wanted, in part, to say that I voted for the first black president in history.

There was no long and involved altruistic decision-making process in trying to evaluate the differences between the republican and democratic candidates based on policies, platforms, issues, and TV debate scores.  Obama was educated, obviously smart and very well focused, driven in career, and the fact he was black… tipped it right in for me.  Yeah, I voted for him because he was an articulate black American who I thought could run the country for ALL Americans.  I like to think I voted for Obama because he was an American who just happened to be black… but, no… it was because of his color and of the historical importance of the moment (future black presidents will likely have to earn their vote from me).

Now, I challenge any reader of this post who voted for Obama to admit to that.  Especially African-Americans who voted for Obama because he was black.  The fact is, racism can be relative.  Racism got Obama elected but it was his persona that elevated him to the point of being elected.

As a footnote… I will likely vote for Hillary as the first female President for gender racism.

You never know...

You never know…

Well, ok, maybe my vote for Obama and my future vote for Hillary is partially motivated by my traditional republican ideals not having had a hero to stand up against the two of them.

Let’s get all the “firsts” out of the way so we can get back to trying to vote for the most qualified person.


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