…And Then There’s Trump.



There’s something about the Donald I’ve always kinda liked.  Well, not seriously.  Real estate guru and quasi-politician aside, I suppose he’s entertaining, in his own right.  But he’s an interesting composite of narcissism, flamboyance, myth and legend, who tries to convince the world that he’s humble regarding his wealth and power, yet in the same breath wants us to know he’s rich… and he’s the boss.   Put all that in an easily illustrated caricature of blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, an assortment of facial expressions, and an outspoken demeanor and you have a popular fellow you either hate or like. His TV show, The Apprentice”, I watched in the beginning back in ‘04 because the pretext was original and the young contestants became popular in their own right (everyone remembers Omarosa), as trump_caracdid the outcomes for the winners who did indeed end up running some project in the Trump empire.  I drifted away by the time all the “Celebrity” venues started.  Celebs are already rich so it didn’t make much sense to me that the only thing rich celebs wanted to do was be on a Trump TV show just to have him humiliate your business creating ability and tell you, “You’re fired!”.  The only reason celebs are indeed celebs are because of their performing talent and/or on screen personas… not for their business acumen.  Those early Apprentice contestants had a vested interest in trying to make it work (and a strong sense of greed.. which as we all know in business, “Greed is good.”)

Anyway.. I actually did enjoy those early Pizza Hut TV commercials with the Donald and Ivana; he seemed to enjoy poking fun at himself and his own narcissism as perceived by the public at the time.  Personally I think over the years he has fallen into that phase of “richness” where you realize you can be as rich as hell but you can’t really buy sincere respect, love, and admiration from the masses unless you cater to those masses.  He loves confrontation (like the ongoing spat years back with Rosie O’Donnell).  In spite of their own verbal sparring on the show, I think Trump had a basic admiration for former Celebrity contestant Omarosa’s loose cannon, opinionated conflicts with other contestants to a point where he had her return in various other Celebrity venues over the years; a great strategy for ratings to be sure.



So now he’s finally tossed his hat into the presidential ring and he still entertains me.  In some ways he reminds me a bit like Goldwater back in ’64.  Goldwater’s campaign was made up of no-nonsense, call-it-what-it-is bluntness.  The Cold War was going full hog, the threat of nuclear annihilation thick in the air, the civil rights movement in full swing, and advisors were being sent to a place called Vietnam.  I was 14 at the time but I do remember Goldwater’s get-tough stance on Communist aggression.  Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I am NOT comparing Trump politics to Goldwater politics 50 years ago.  I am simply comparing their relative political outspokenness.  When elections in general are so damn full of politicians lying out their asses and talking out of both sides of their mouths to acquire public acceptance, it’s always nice to listen to a blunt, full-frontal, in-your-face politician (or, in this case, politician wannabe) say openly what we are thinking privately.  The problem with guys like this when it comes to elections, voters tend to vote way more conservatively (I am NOT saying they vote conservative… but conservatively, rather than the blunt force trauma candidate.) when they are inside the voting booth.  In spite of the popularity and the polls of the day Goldwater ended up loosing partly because of a Democratic TV commercial showing an atomic blast after a little girl was picking daisies.

(see it here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExjDzDsgbww)

This commercial was aired only one time… that’s all it took.


trump-hairAnyway… nooo… I’m not going to vote for Trump.  He’s a very successful business and real estate tycoon.  People respond to him in the business world out of respect for his wealth and business talent.  He got that way by being the guy in charge.. making decisions without having to consult advisors.  When you are President of the United States you are not in charge.  Everything uttered from your mouth has consequences for many thousands, if not millions of people.  You cannot make arbitrary decisions on what YOU think seems important.  You need the advice of people and the ability to defer to negotiation and compromise that most CEO’s find slow and tedious.  To me Mr. Trump’s image represents American capitalism at its best, not American ideals we want to convey to the world.

As of this writing it’s being reported that NBCUniversal is dropping their relationship with Trump, which has been mostly the joint ownership of the Miss USA pageant, due to Trump’s derogatory remarks made two weeks ago regarding illegal immigrants from Mexico…

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people who have lots of problems.  They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

Classic Trump, yet many people hold this same opinion.  But now someone will have to come forward to deny that, and that brings conversation.

But until the polls close at election time I will enjoy Mr. Trump’s comments on what needs fixing in this country… and watching the other candidates squirming in their responses.  I think Trump’s candidacy will give us more discourse on the real issues and ultimately we will be able to actually find someone in the crowd that we favor.


Think James Spader can play the Donald in a movie?

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