This is greater than Trump.

This is greater than Trump.

Likely every blogster on the planet will have something to post about the recent U.S. election results ad nauseum, and so I will lend my thoughts to contribute to that vast nauseum.  Don’t worry.. this isn’t another of those posts that attempts to pick apart where, why, and how this upset happened.  I’m not going to belabor on about the left should have done this, the right should have done that.  Hell, in a past post on my own blog here I loudly proclaimed my reasoning for why Trump in no way could win… no need to fret.  So it’s not like I am some all-wise political sage.  But I do stand by my reasons why he won’t win… or shouldn’t have won.

I am as stunned as the next liberal democrat (of which I am by nature, not.  I describe myself as a liberal conservative, back when that proverbial pendulum has swayed more predictably).  But I can say this  much… in my 65 times spinning around the sun I have never been so embarrassed as an American as now in the selection of the President.  Forget the man’s politics for a moment (or longer, if you wish).  He’s a political buffoon and has all the social grace, demeanor, and persona, of a self-centered bully and braggart… not to mention a poor example for the young in the treatment of women and minorities in general.

Now, in reality some of his policies have some interest to me, but certainly not to the point where I would sign on to him using a blunderbuss on day one just because HE thinks it’s wrong.  For one thing, I’ve been around long enough to have a fair understanding of what candidates SAY they will do if elected and versus what they CAN do if they get elected.  Trump is no politician and some think that is an asset, but he has also lied heavily to get votes like Hillary, but mostly he has just spouted off using language that is too vague, crude, and difficult to surmise if he’s being literal or serious (which we are paying for as I write this).

What’s the real story here?

I did not vote for Hillary because I preferred her policies and I didn’t not vote for Trump because of his policies.  To me this election was not in the least about issues.  It was totally about Trump not being in the least a competent candidate for president of this country.  Now, a bit of common sense suggests that some level of this reasoning was felt by a good number of those who voted against Trump.  Yet we are hearing from the Trump supporters that Hillary is a crook… lies… represents the so-called elite establishment that has no favor with the white middle class.  In other words, the Trump supporters seem to be issue oriented.. change the world… drain that nasty D.C. swamp… and they believe all this with a fervor that goes well beyond any instinct they may have about Trump’s moral and social behaviors, and total inexperience in politics.  I find that totally astounding that 50% of the voting public thinks this way.

The numbers…

Well, as of this writing it’s being projected that Hillary will win the popular vote.. and this does, in fact, mean absolutely nothing in electing a president.  Trump won.  BUT… when you look at the actual desire of the voting public in how they wanted to vote, the popular vote has some level of meaning in trying to determine voter demographic.  Yet you can easily round off the difference in votes as being 50% of the votes went to each candidate.  That is nowhere near any sort of a mandate for Trump, yet the word “mandate” is being tossed around.

The Trump supporters are old?

Yesterday it was being reported that the basic age of Trump supporters was 45 and up.  It wasn’t Millenials.  The networks all had their reporters sniff out the typical rust belt supporters in local pubs and restaurants of Small Town, America and it seems there was a large number of Baby Boomers in the mix all echoing similar issues regarding D.C. politicians not listening to their plight of factory closings (going to Mexico or China), loss of manufacturing jobs because of poor trade practices, and general discontent in living in economically depressed areas.  Also policies restricting energy projects like the Keystone Pipeline and the slow strangulation of the coal industry.  Displaced workers have no interest in re-training for any other industries.  People want to return to the good old prosperous days.  You can’t really argue that for sure.

But then I made an observation. 

Let’s say Trump gets to make the changes necessary to bring back manufacturing and fire up the energy projects.  Us Boomers are at or near retirement age.  Who is going to work in these places?  If we are assuming then that it’s the children and grandchildren of the Boomers that will reap the good prosperity… then why not train them for other industries instead of bringing back the factories to begin with?  Essentially free trade is good for the greater economy of the nation but it comes at the expense of lost jobs in the rust belt states.  If the former workers are too old to again work in the factories then don’t bring the factories back and just concentrate on bringing in other industries.  Just a thought.

The Baby Boomers last hurrah

Given the stats suggesting Trump supporters are largely older Americans wishing for the good old days again, one might sense this is the last yelp of the rebellious Boomer generation… so that their kids and grandkids can have a better future… according to their definition of “better”.

My level of displeasure is not in the least pleasurable.

As I said earlier, I have never felt so embarrassed as an American in my entire life.  I am truly at a loss for the way I feel about all this.  It’s like waking to a bad dream.  I am not one of those who has true fear of Trump since I don’t at the present fall into any of his racial profiles.  But there is something I can pass on to my readers here to make it somewhat manageable.

Put your faith in our Constitution.

Therein rests the ways and means of limiting any president from going too far.  Our system of checks and balances and parliamentary process in Congress is there for just this kind of situation.  Yes, the republicans have the majority in Congress but not every action is a simple majority vote.  Sometimes a percentage has to agree.  Also there are delays and filibustering that can stifle or delay certain actions.  But here’s the rub for Trump… he won but it was only 50% of the popular vote.  In two years there will be more Congressional seats up for grabs for the mid term election.  This is what happened to Obama.  At the start he forced through Obamacare because of the dem majority in Congress.  But the dems lost seats in the midterms and that’s what helped to create the stagnated Congress.  The odds are very high that the republicans will loose seats in two years and thus loose their majority in Congress.  Here’s another consideration…

In four years Trump will now have a performance record that people will like or dislike (more likely dislike).  With a 50% voter approval he could VERY easily loose to the next person.  This is what happened to George H. W. Bush.  His “read my lips” thing is blamed for him having only one term as president.

So, folks.. all is not lost.

My only issue is that he looks like a buffoon on the world stage.  He just has no idea how to be presidential.


Life will go on… look to the future… and believe in the Constitution.



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