What if... or, If only...

What if… or, If only…

I certainly have no idea about where Trump is heading, nor do I think he even knows.  That has spawned some thoughts about some what-if scenarios.  While my academics has some basis in the behavioral sciences I am in no way a knowledgeable person on psyche interpretations other than what I’ve picked up through life and dealing with people on an everyday basis.

For example,

…I am sensing very strongly that Trump is  becoming really overwhelmed with his future responsibility.  There’s news reports of some in-fighting and jockeying for position on appointments.  While some of that is normal for any new president this seem more than usual.  He’s appointed a chief-of-staff, which is a good first choice because that person immediately begins to aid and organize.. and set a disciplinary tone.  That’s his job.. even before the new president takes over.  But then Trump goes ahead and picks a strategy advisor and it’s released to the press as a person of equal standing as the chief-of-staff.  A curious appointment even beyond the questionable character he appointed.  Then there’s the announcement that he wants his kids to get cleared for top secret security clearance.

Now all that suggests to me that he’s trying to collect familiar faces and surround himself with lots of counsel, in some cases, counsel with little or no experience in whatever would be talked about.  In other words, family members.  He’s settled down a lot since the election.. in fact, he’s had a couple press interviews but hasn’t really said anything.  The “old Trump” is on vacation.  In fact, the country is erupting in demonstrations against him and there’s not much comforting or conciliating (or pissed off diatribes) coming from him.  Yeah, he has tweeted about the demonstrators being paid by the liberals… followed be another tweet a bit more compromising.  But that has stopped.

Also, don’t forget the 90 minute a meeting with Obama.  It’s being reported that Trump was visibly awed with all the stuff Obama shared with him.  I would not be surprised one bit that Trump calls Obama for assistance/confidence/counsel many times.  He may have people all around him but only HE can be president and his aids cannot identify with that.  Being president is a small club.

So I started to think about some ‘what if’ possibilities, if in fact his being overwhelmed and ill-experienced continues into his term.

  • What IF… after year one his cabinet is reported to be having significant disagreements and some backstabbing conflicts? Foreign policy is not able to be formed…  domestic policy is marginal… and all those promises made to take effect on Day One are held up for various reasons… or diluted.
  • What IF… after 18 months it looks as if there is some paralysis within the White House when it comes to trying to reign in squabbling cabinet members… and certain issues prove to be indecisive.
  • What IF… the polls continue to show a larger disapproval rating for the president, demonstrations increase and become more violent?
  • What IF… ISIS or some other groups or countries (North Korea?) try using our internal struggle and become emboldened to start striking against American targets, foreign or domestic, thus ramping up the need to respond with more effort.
  • What IF… after year two Congress shifts after the mid term elections to a more even party distribution.. or becomes a democratic House.
  • What IF… Congress itself is showing a growing outcry for impeachment for dereliction of duty.
  • What IF… he bends to pressure and resigns.
  • What If… he can’t handle that unexpected “big event” that most presidents have in their terms.

I am sure anyone reading this post could add many more “what ifs”.  This idea that we should rally behind the President or that we should allow him time to adjust and see what happens… is just nuts.  His whole campaign he told us what he wanted to do… and more importantly, showed the dimensions of his character, which is why I did not vote for him.  His policies were secondary to his character, for me… AND, he set the time table… Day One!  So now there’s fear and consternation gripping the public.

Now, I certainly hope he turns out much better than I think, because all I have to go on is his performance during the campaign, and that was repugnant.  He’s got 70 days left before he takes over and he’s already causing apprehension with the Bannon appointment and this security clearance stuff for his children.

I firmly believe that no one becomes a president with some power agenda or to get rich.  I do believe they are all patriotic in their own way and believe they can make things better in the world.  Even Trump.  He could very possibly have a crap presidency and he will reflect on that.. and how history will remember him.  All presidents do that.  It’s just that if he starts thinking this after year two when Congress is echoing talk of impeachment, his fighting spirit won’t help him one bit.  The Oval Office is NOT a board room.



2 thoughts on “TRUMP “WHAT IF’S”

  1. It is interesting to consider that Trump is completely overawed by the reality of actually having to be the president. Even before he has been sworn in, it seems obvious (to a foreigner like me, anyway) that he hasn’t got the first idea what the job actually involves. Perhaps surrounding himself with familiar faces, old cronies, and his own family, is his only way of feeling protected against a country that doesn’t really want him.
    Once they discover that he is more or less unable to deliver many of his pre-election promises, it is likely that those who voted him in will turn on him too. I am never comfortable with a leader surrounding himself with friends, and appointing family members to top jobs. We saw that with the Kennedy family, and more worryingly, with the Ceausescu regime in Romania.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think it’s one thing to surround yourself with people you trust who can actually assist and not be primarily moral support, and another to surround yourself with familiar faces because you need that moral support to ward off some level of fear of the unknown. But, yes.. I agree with you.. and good example with Ceausescu.

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