I Want A Job As A Paid Professional Demonstrator!

Let's see.. professional demonstrator, hmmm....

Let’s see.. professional demonstrator, hmmm….

(Just how the hell are they recruiting people to do that?)

How ironic… Trump isn’t even sworn in yet and he’s created thousands of new jobs with all those alleged liberal-paid demonstrators all over the country wanting him out!

demoadWhy can’t I get paid for my demonstrator skills?  I’ve been hearing from Republicans that the Dems have been paying freelance demonstrators in many cities.  I have a little experience at this (refer to my post…   https://dougsboomerrants.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/tanks-and-machine-guns-and-grenades-oh-my/#more-1814 and scroll all the way down to “Special Feature” where I share my military experience in crowd control).

It seems like a great job although likely part time and mostly evening hours.  Is there an option for daytime sign-holding protest?

Where would someone go to apply?  Is it one of those website job applications?  (I hope not.. my PC always locks up)

I’ve looked on Craigslist for help wanted – freelance demonstrators.. but haven’t found anything in my area.

Do they drug test?  (I prefer not.)

If I were to answer an ad I have a few questions…

Is this a 1099 position?  I’d want to make sure I pay my taxes on the money I make protesting the president-elect.  Will we get paid in check, cash, or direct deposit?

Would we be covered by Workman’s Comp in the unlikely event we get hurt on the job?  In the event of arrest will the employer provide bail and lawyer?

Would we get a script of what to yell or are we left up to our own selection of verbal profanities?  I’d want to do this correctly so can we get the script in advance for practice at home with our family?

Would there be the possibility of getting enhanced pay for being able to act outside of my own race and/or religion?

Would I need to purchase a hoodie?


Oh wait.  Now I am hearing on the news that demonstrators getting paid isn’t true.  Damn.

Well, can I apply anyway and use this as a contact on my weekly unemployment reporting form?


6 thoughts on “I Want A Job As A Paid Professional Demonstrator!

  1. Okay…….enough! I, too am a “baby-boomer”, but really dislike that term. I have my own blog but there’s stuff I haven’t posted…. here’s my HIGHLY EMOTIONAL response to your “demonstrator” post….. I was too young to public demonstrations in the 60’s , During the 70’s the “big ticket” demonstrations were on the Viet Nam war. I was too much of the following to participate in any of that, either: ignorant of the politics, unable to locate anyone who had participated in a demonstration to ask about the next one or drive me, cuz I didn’t have a car, and too scared of my Dad’s threats, promises etc, that if he ever “found out” I had participated in any demonstration, I would NEVER get a car, go on another date, or leave the house till I was 30,

    I DID however, participate in a small-scale BURN YOUR BRA moment after a day of surfing with some friends from Pasadena, when all us girls tossed our bras into the bonfire at the beach instead of putting them back on under our tiie-dye tee shirts to go home.

    (I didn’t tell my parents abourt that till long after I HAD MY OWN CAR, WAS MARRIED, AND HAD CELEBRATED MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!)

    But here’s a promise ….. if new POTUS rallies a “force” that “rounds up” illegal aliens to ship to Mexico and they are rousting happy families from their homes, hustling clean, decent, hardworking folks off their jobs or swarming Olvera Street or Cinco De Mayo parties, I WILL DEMONSTRATE. I will demonstrate to protest such irrational and inhumane treatment, I will demonstrate to protest and make a statement…

    I can and will do so because I am an American living under the constitution of the United States, which last time I looked, assured me the right to freedom of speech etc,. AND, I have my own car, I don’t need a date, and I have been 30 twice already.

    And I think you should run for office in 2020.

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