Instant “News”, Instant Idiocy.. And Trump Supporters That Don’t Fact Check


Our wonderful internet gives us information, knowledge, news, and social networking around the world at the speed of light.  It’s a wonderful invention and an achievement in human innovation and the technological advancement of our species.  It’s also perfect for ignorant dumb-asses.

Whoa.. you say.  Users of the internet are ignorant dumb-asses?  Who are YOU to judge who is a dumb ass or not, let alone recognize an ignorant person when you see one!  Well, good question.  Here’s my retort to that.

Us humans are a species of infinite variety, and not just skin color.  We have been bestowed by nature (or the Almighty, if that suits you better) the mental ability to reason; determine cause & effect in the world around us.  We also have opposing thumbs which gives us a slight physical edge over other species in being able to physically alter our environment to survive.  Together those traits have put us where we are today.. smart phones and the internet.

The recent election (you had to know all this was leading up to politics) is case in point regarding how people manage to allow themselves to be duped into thinking what they see printed out on those tiny screen displays.  There are those of us who are just plain news freaks.  We hang on Fox or CNN for that constant coverage 24/7.  There are those of us who frankly don’t give a damn about the news… and would rather read about the new bff’s cat playing with a ball of string… or trying to coordinate a fashion statement to wear out in public the next day… or wondering with a network of friends who “like” you if you will get laid after the ball game.  Hey, that’s all important stuff, I know.

Then one day someone says you have to vote for the president of the United States… and you have no idea who is even running.  Do you turn on the TV to find out?  Nope.  You text your bff and ask, “Do you even know who is running?”  Then you surf a few websites on your phone to learn about the candidates.  Someone tells you to go watch FOX News because we all instinctively know all politicians lie and are corrupt and FOX exposes them all.  (yeah, right)  “Ohmygosh.. this one guy is a real asshole!”, you text out to the world.

But really… if you have a smart phone you don’t even have to watch FOX News on TV.  Just go from social site to social site and pick from the knowledge base offered there… free and unbiased common folk telling YOU who to vote for.  Uh huh.  Well, as humans each of us have our own interests and that includes preferring to be interested in certain things that may not be important to the next human.  There are a LOT of Americans who find elections and their overriding coverage everywhere as tedious and confusing.  They know they have a vote and they want to do the patriotic thing, but politics is not the first thing on their plates in the morning.  These are the folks who just want it all over with.

Well, it’s the complacent voter that can become victim of fakery and trickery very easily (even more easily than us “smart” people).  They loose their common sense to separate garbage from… well, other garbage.  Yes, both parties do very well spewing out lies and half truths about each other’s candidates but that’s when you do your homework and fact check.  Did you know that there are actual websites that exist simply to spread fake news?  That’s how the rumors start… and that’s how everyone in the world sees it at the same time.  Before any denial or explanation, half of Twitter is alive with feedback about it.  Next thing you know, you are not going to vote for the person who is the subject of the trickery, whether it’s accurate or not.  You’ve lost your ability to use your common sense because you don’t care to follow up and check it out.

Do Trump Supporters Not Fact Check?

People with smart phones want it fast, brief in content (pics preferred), then get it off your screen and on to the next text.  It’s easier to believe the conspiracy theories going around than to fact check.  Your personal life is way too busy to check into things.. and it’s far easier to agree to conspiracy drama that likely isn’t even there.  Bottom line.. you’re an ignorant voting dumb-ass.  But at least you voted… right?  Maybe next year they will have an app where you just click once “Use my vote anyway you wish.” and save you a bunch of thought process.

Sure it is... but who has access to it and who decides who get it?

Sure it is… but who has access to it, who decides who gets it… and when do we believe it?

Ok, sure… common sense suggests that Hillary supporters haven’t always fact checked either.  But from my vantage point (which is surely a small sampling) I see that there were a LOT of Trump supporters sold on goofy conspiracy theories about the Clintons in charge of all of Washington, all agencies of the democratic Obama administration were corrupt and on their own agenda of country domination and looking to toss out the Constitution, and everything the democratic “establishment”  (jeez, I’m so tired of that over-used word) said negative about Trump reported by the nasty liberal news is a total lie.  Gawd… get a grip.  But most importantly.. FACT CHECK!

But.. oh, wait… the only way to fact check is to go to websites with some measure of fact check credibility to judge for yourself the facts.  But to do that you’d likely have to believe the press since they are the fact checkers… and we all know they are controlled by the Clintons.. right?  So, then.. who exactly do the Trump supporters agree is telling the truth… those Tweets on their smart phones that originate from total strangers for all they know, or fellow Facebook fools who are believing some fake news zealot?


2 thoughts on “Instant “News”, Instant Idiocy.. And Trump Supporters That Don’t Fact Check

  1. The real downside of the Internet is the sheer volume of misinformation. At one time, we only had to worry about a few newspapers, and some biased TV networks. Now it is open season for the ‘thought corrupters’, as well as the loonies!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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