“Let’s Wait And See How Well Trump Does” (Huh???)

One can only hope...

One can only hope…

I’ve been hearing that a lot and frankly I’m left wondering where the hell that’s coming from.  It rather reminds me of a past post on my own blog,


…where I remark on the ridiculousness of the hiring probationary period when one starts a new job.  Your new employer hires you with all the congratulations and positive outlook for the future, then in the same breath they mention the 90 day probationary period where you can be terminated for any reason.

Interesting how he doesn't mention women.

Interesting how he doesn’t mention women.

Well, it seems to me any candidate running for public office promises the world during the campaign, then fails to deliver once in office.  Is the candidate lying his/her ass off or is it that we, the public, are so damn gullible that we will believe pretty much anything told to us if it’s neatly packaged?  In other words, are we our own ultimate lobbyists?  After all, we will “give” our vote to the candidate that most favors what WE individually want in life.  So, candidates just spew out what we want to hear to “solicit” (notice I didn’t say “buy”) our vote.  The trick for the voter is trying to separate the bullshit from fact… and a great many of us are way too busy, generally disinterested in the election process, have no desire to watch politics, are too preoccupied with our own lives, to bother to fact check.  Now, add to this general apathy the idea that there are a growing number of fake news sources.. and a good fake rumor about someone being “bad” makes for great reading and wonderful conspiracy theories because it spreads around the world at the speed of light.   Of course it’s human nature to believe what we first see/hear/read than it is for disproving the fakery.  Bad news travels fast… and no one ever hears the defensive truth.

But… right or wrong, good or bad, Trump seems here for the next four years at least.  But does this mean I have to fall in line in some patriotic display of opinion restraint?  He might be MY President of the United States holding the office according to the Constitution I embrace but he will NEVER be MY president.  I’m so incense by his win I feel like taking the next four years pointing out to his supporters during the election, “See?  I told you so!”  He’s not even in office and already he’s backing down on his campaign promises because of everything I stipulated before… he’s way too ignorant on the governing process, knows nothing about political compromise, has absolutely no concept of international diplomacy (or any other diplomacy for that matter), he’s a political buffoon.  This doesn’t even take into account his hugely questionable character and ability to fill the office.  I want to make his supporters responsible for anything that happens (or not).  They should be starting to feel being betrayed by him since he’s diluting his promises to them for their vote.


Now if you notice in that ranting paragraph I just made, I have made NO mention of his policies.  Heck, most are worth debating and I truly have no objection should compromises (or not) arise from those debates in Congress should they occur.   I am truly awed though that 50% of the voting public are accepting of Trump’s major character flaws (along with Hillary-hating) to the point they ignore character over this “throw the bums out” and drain the swamp mentality coming from a guy who has NO idea what he is talking about.  Voters (and non-voters) have to accept responsibility for whatever comes of his presidency.

So, this “let’s wait and see how well Trump does” business seems to be from any one, if not all, of the following  (with proper punctuation emphasis)…

  • “Let’s wait and see how well Trump does…” – A surrendering to the idea by Trump supporters that Trump is already exhibiting a trend of not keeping his campaign promises, or diluting them greatly. A kind of denial of impending doom.
  • “Let’s wait and see how well Trump does.” – A surrendering of complacent non-Trump supporters who simply want to accept the results and move on.
  • “Let’s wait and see how well Trump does!” – A vindictive stance by non-Trump supporters toward his supporters, with the intent of following it up with, “See? We told you so!”
  • “Let’s wait and see how well Trump does!!” – An attempt by Trump supporters to guilt those divisive non-Trump supporters to fall in line for the sake of patriotism if nothing else.

Also, I am curious regarding that we need to support the president and let him govern.  Not sure what that means either… “allow him to govern”.  He’s already going to govern regardless of what me or anyone else says.  Is the suggestion being made that if Trump does a crap job that me and my ilk are responsible for not allowing him to govern?   Hell, if I had that political power I would seriously consider using it.

The truth of the matter is that events themselves will dictate any president’s reactions and if he manages any planned agenda it could easily be over-shadowed.  Also, international events could in fact occur for the good not by anything he overtly does but rather because of his timing in “just being there”; his blundering along.  In his world he sees everything is correct because he says it is.  That isn’t the presidency at all.  I hate paying for his learning curve… and I fear his mistakes because any mistake can be costly in some form.  Others are fearful of this as well.. because of all the focus on who he appoints to his cabinet.. in the hopes that there will be some “cooler” minds somewhere in the White House.  If that fear exists where was this BEFORE he got elected?

trump2Look… if I were part of his Secret Service detail I would no question take a bullet for him because he represents the office of the presidency.. and he’s a human being.  If nothing else I am a military veteran and I took my oath for life.  That’s the person I am.  But please don’t try to restrain my opinion on his incompetent qualifications to govern this country with some “wait and see” guilt trip.  I saw this coming when he won.


7 thoughts on ““Let’s Wait And See How Well Trump Does” (Huh???)

  1. I can’t imagine why anyone has to ‘wait and see’ how he will do. It’s obvious that he will do what he wants, and is allowed to get away with. Whether or not that works out better for the average American, well that’s highly unlikely.
    And I agree about those ‘probation’ periods. They might just as well employ you for only 90 days at a time. (Hang on a minute… That’s what they are starting to do here…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Well, I hope that wasn’t an American idea you imported there, Pete. 🙂 The other problem we are having here is many businesses, mostly retail and service industries, have been going to part time to save money. No bennies to provide for employees under 32 hours a week. Yeah.. places like Walmart that are huge employers have very few full time jobs. Makes rural survival all the much more difficult. One of the issues with the rural Trump supporters.

  3. “He’s already going to govern regardless of what ME or anyone else says. Is the suggestion being made that if Trump does a crap job that ME and my ilk are responsible for not allowing him to govern? ”

    Those “ME”‘s should be “I”‘s.

    • That’s the breaks of the American Political Game, my friend. Nobody can get everything they want all the time they want it. Yes, Trump is going to govern but remember that he can do nothing without approval of the Congress. That is what checks and balance is all about and we have had Republican Presidents before — and we all survived. We will get through this one as well and who knows … something good might come of it all.

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