MY UNCOMMON SENSE – Global Warming


Right about now you are likely wondering.. “Ok, where is this guy gonna go with this.  Is he pro or con?  Do I agree with what he will say or do I call him a dumb ass?”

Well, as I write this, the entire Midwest is engulfed in some Arctic freeze and blizzard.  Being from Chicago I know what that’s like.  If that were my gauge on determining the validity of global warming trends I might be swayed to think that indeed global warming is a figment of someone’s imagination.  On the other hand, I currently reside somewhere in the Mojave Desert and in the middle of the summer the idea of the possibility of global warming makes a bit of sense.  I guess I am trying to say, in my opinion, the seriousness of global warming is a matter of perspective.. in my case, different climate systems can sway my opinion.

[MY UNCOMMON SENSE.  These will be posts that present issues of the day from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have all resources at my disposal to objectively concern myself with every conceivable bit of fact.  Let’s face it, some of us average folks simply cannot digest all information available on a given subject, nor can we spend copious amounts of time going to fact-checking sites to see what politician, newsroom, or potentate is just blowing smoke our way to sway our opinion one way or the other.  I certainly can’t answer for you, but I can’t stand issues that beg for emotional responses from me; I am no conspiracy theorist.  Yes, things stir me up at times but there has to be some reasonable facts… or common sense… behind it all.  In the absence of facts, or a way to filter through crap to find the facts, all we have is our own respective life experiences to draw on to try and put things in order.  I believe we are the true silent majority; we are the ones the Pied Pipers of the world are trying to get to follow them.  The Merriam-Webster website defines commons sense as.. the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.  Since we are all humans and hence, different from each other, our ‘reasonable way’ will be different for each of us.  That’s where my slant on humanism takes over.]

But here’s my real thoughts on it all.  Being a bit of a pragmatist in my thought process I will always tend to side on science because that is the discipline that has gotten us humans to where we are now at in our evolutionary development.  I know.. there’s a scientist for each side of political opinion.  But for the sake of argument here let’s forget about what scientists can or cannot prove about global warming.

My opinion is… does it even matter if it’s true or not?  Let me challenge YOU, the reader here.  What’s your deep down gut feel common sense suggest to you?  We’ve all gone through grammar school with basic science to have a pretty good idea what happens when stuff from the ground goes into the air and blocks the sunlight.

  1. Volcanoes blow up spewing clouds of ash, fire and brimstone into the skies and clouds the earth for years and kills most living things because sunlight can’t make the vegetation grow.
  2. Asteroids smack into the earth spewing ash, dust, and fire and brimstone into the atmosphere, keeping the sunlight out for years, killing all the dinosaurs.
  3. More than once the earth has done cyclical shifts to global cooling, covering most of the world in glacial ice, then back to warming, melting, creating new lakes, rivers, streams, and geological changes.
  4. In the 1970’s the smoke and fog surrounding the Los Angeles metro area so permeated the atmosphere that the California residents mandated changes to vehicle emission standards.  Today the air is markedly cleaner.


What I am getting at, folks, is that common sense (and our general science classes in school) DO suggest that if crap from the ground is hurled into the air in the form of particles and/or toxic gases, that over time something WILL affect our environment.   To me that’s an absolute no-brainer.  Now, if you want to make an issue of the urgency of the melting of the polar ice caps, or if you want to make an issue as to the overall urgency of global warming, looking to kick the can down the road for the next generation or until technology catches up to make cheap filters for the smokestacks, that’s up to you.  But, to me, whether it’s in this generation or the next, if we keep throwing crap into the air to create a greenhouse effect, which we know can happen and has happened in the past, we are going to pay the piper later.  I don’t need some scientist to convince me.

Now, is the threat an urgent one?  Again, does it matter?  To me it’s simply good environmental control to maintain the current climate equilibrium as best and as long as possible.  The Earth is our home.  It’s gonna be a while before we all can head to Mars to poison that place too.

The Socio-Political Issues

warming3The fact of the matter is that here in the States the dispute about global warming, or climate change as some call it, is political of course.  The reason is that a key part of the global warming/climate change debate is the control of greenhouse gases, which then leads to the pushing for regulations within the fossil fuel industries; an expensive proposition.  Over the years this has led to limited governmental support in developing clean energy resources like wind, solar, and increased use of natural gas.  This is one reason Hillary Clinton wasn’t favored by the coal industry, which has already had noticeable demand fall in recent years, leading to layoffs.

On an international level there’s the political debate about non-industrialized countries pushing for cleaner air controls that are of little or no economic consequence for them, but can affect the economies of the industrialized nations.  One of the reasons Obama has been reluctant to sign broader clean air accords, given the overall impact to our economy for the technology needed.

Here’s the thing… the entire debate seems to be an issue of how urgent the threat is.  If it’s not a big urgency then shut up about it and let’s put the fossil fuel industry back to work and release greenhouse gas emissions on manufacturing and get people back to work.. make America great again!  Whoopee!

You really want all these stacks to fire up just to save jobs?

You really want all these stacks to fire up just to save jobs?

Sorry, I’m not for jobs at the expense of clean air…. on the long term.  Set gradual restrictions to encourage technologies to be developed to clean up fossil fuels.  Allow time to expand the use of alternative fuels.. like wind and solar, and maybe even nuclear (we are getting pretty good at that as a safe way to power, but that is still vulnerable to terror threats and earthquakes).  The point here is, start now to assimilate the development of technologies in this area AND to assimilate the displaced economies into other areas.  This isn’t an overnight thing by any means… and that’s the whole point.  Common sense suggests we should clean up where we live or suffer down the line.

Actual bullet results on Alaska Pipeline.

Actual bullet results on Alaska Pipeline.

We are building yet another oil pipeline that scares the hell outta me because these things are so vulnerable to destruction by terrorism or earthquakes.  From what I’ve heard, the Alaskan Pipeline still gets the occasional pot shots by armed people.  You can’t guard the entire length.  Domestic security begs the development of clean fuel sources.  In my opinion the government should lead the way to encourage everything from solar on our homes and businesses to heavy industry.  Let free market continue to innovate.  Just like every person has a cell phone and every home has TV’s, who’s to say 50 years from now every home and apartment building can’t have a solar collector on the roof.  As demand drops for old power services then re-train, re-position, or allow attrition to assimilate former employees into new industries.  This is the nature of free market.

Making America great again should be about looking to the future, not grabbing for one more shot at the good old days when heavy industry sent crap into the air and dumped chemicals along the side of the road or buried it in vacant lots… just so a part of the workforce can have a union job.

You really want to go back to this to save jobs?

You really want to go back to this to save jobs?



10 thoughts on “MY UNCOMMON SENSE – Global Warming

  1. Well-argued, and a very enjoyable read, Doug. The voice of commonsense in print.

    Although I have never actively supported the environmental debate, and err on the side of the cyclical argument, I cannot ignore the advances in technology since the mid-1850s that have pumped all sorts of poisons into the atmosphere. I live in a place where wind farms are abundant, and every other rooftop has solar panels. Large nuclear power stations are close enough to my home to reduce me to ashes in a second, should they explode. The coast in this part of England is eroding so fast, you can literally watch it falling into the sea.

    However, unless the real industrial giants like China, Russia, and the USA do something ‘serious’ about emissions, then any effort by European countries is a metaphorical drop in the ocean.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. First of all I do not worry about fact-checking sites either because it has come to light recently that there are some of those that might have their own biases and so their facts might be “skewed” and so I do not frequent them anymore.

    Then there is my reluctance to accept the idea that facts are concepts set in stone because if that were true there would be no need for the “Trial and Error” way of discovering new things that make yesterday’s “Facts” irrelevant. Somebody is always cancelling out accepted “Facts” from days gone by with “Up-To-Date Facts” — and all this does is convince me that the concept of concrete set-in-stone “Facts” is faulty and a fantasy.

    I am totally on board with the concept that earth changes are … and have always been … throughout the eons …. cyclical. Nobody can ever know for sure how far back History goes and how many civilizations have come and gone along with all evidences they ever existed. I know one thing more or less for certain …. whether is global warming or not .. we are all going to die eventually and it isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans anymore to us and another thing … Nature is always bigger than the puny efforts of Mankind so no matter what, Nature is going to do what Nature does and no Men or amount of Manpower is going to change any of that for very long a period of time anyway.

    I have my own ideas about what happens to particles that are tossed aloft as gases and toxic waste too: I believe that all the so-called pollution of humankind is treated by Nature the same way as all the volcanic eruptions are …. they are changed in form by external natural forces and the gases are seperated into their respective elements and once again beome part of the natural cycle of creation and destruction of molecules and the rearrangement of atoms that has been going since the Big Bang. The wastes will be rendered innocuous by the Sun or by the winds or by being reabsorbed by the earth itself … changed in form and reused according to the established natural patterns.

    People are always saying they don’t want to sacrifice “Clean Air” in order to produce more jobs. Does anybody realize that the human race (all creatures in fact) have a habit of adapting to their environment and coping with it?) — Do not forget that generations of people were born, raised, lived and died during the smoke-laden toxic days of The Industrial Revolution and guess what? Man is still a viable creature in spite of all that and he shall continue to be viable no matter what the external conditions might be. — (Unless there is a cataclysmic event of some kind.).

    If we are ever to have a fusion-based existence we damned well have to do a lot better job than was done at Fukyousheema and that Russian mess where the reactors melted down.

    I agree with you about the pipelines. We have enough damned pipelines. Last time I looked there were dozens of pipelines already criss crossing the United States and I am surprised there hasn’t been more disasters than there have been. The big one is still coming as far as I am concerned.

    By the way … I had a union job once. It paid the bills, helped me to save some money, paid for educations for my kids .. allowed us to take vacations once in a while … provided some damned good health care …. back before some genius decided to send it all over to some roach-eaten crap hole across the sea where some chinky charlie is now slaving away at the same job for barely enought to buy rice for his stable of kids.

    Global Warming … real or imagined? — Time will tell and I don’t think there is enough diplomacy in the world to get the other nations on board with preventative measures and like in some science fiction thriller none of them are going to pay attention anyway until their front doors are sinking into the sea. Once they are knee deep in water or find themself frozen in -500 degree conditions then they will pay attention but by that time it will be too late. But that’s the way human beings are. That’s how they have always been.

      • Gee Whiz, beetleypete, thank you! I am sincerely honored. I mean that with all my heart. I don’t think there is another blogger anywhere who appreciates readers more than I do and because of my rather obvious exponential eccentricities (fueled most likely by my habit of tapping into the Universal Stream of all knowledge and consciousness …. ) it is hard for me to keep many friends on the blog here. Eventually I offend almost everybody (even though I do not mean to — I am just a natural born shock jock I guess) — but they do tire of me and only the very special few … the cream of the crop … the true intelligensia … people like you I am sure … stick with me and I am always sincerely grateful to everyone who honors me in such a fashion.

        Damn!, I am so glad to have you choose to join with us here! Thank you again!

        BTW — maybe you noticed: I take comments from everyone even if I don’t agree with them on issues so if you have something to say the feel free — The only people I ever hang up on are Trolls who call me nasty names. — I am so vain and self-centered and arrogant I can’t stand to be called nasty names but it takes awhile to pull my trigger.

        I don’t know why I am saying all this but I sure as heck do feel privileged to have you jump aboard this old opinion train here, friend … and I hope I can entertain you a little somewhere along the way.

      • Dear Bettleypete — The cowboy hat is left over from my days in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Kerrville and Brownsville — and the State of Washington as well as some time in California …. I got used to it and can’t shake the habit. “Yee-Haw!!”

        • I wear no hats, let alone the cowboy variety. Keep up the good work, John. You would probably be in prison over here! But I personally enjoy that totally politically ‘incorrect’ style. It is a refreshing counterpoint to my own (very) Left-Wing ideals.
          Regards, Pete.

          • I am not set-in-stone about everything. If a Liberal presents a point that I think has merit I will investigate it and ponder it thoroughly. This does not guarantee that I will agree but I am open because I value ideas more than ideology.

            I am happy to have the privilege of freedom of speech over here but it is always under attack from one political agenda or the other — someday it may become nothing more than a distant memory —

            But for now … if I get locked up I hope it is in a place where I can have eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, baked beans, fried mushrooms, a fried tomato and or some black pudding for breakfast …. make the sausages “Bangers” please.

            Yes, my family originally hails from Dover … where the white cliffs are.

  3. Not to worry about followers leaving, John. The interesting thing about having a blog is that it seems different for each person. In some cases (like me sometimes) it’s kinda like therapy. To some it’s a subliminal cry for acceptance or help as many do have issues of depression (and I mean that will full sympathy) and also find some therapy in it somehow. Some of us (like me) think I have something important to say, yet know full well no one cares (kinda like being in a large room just to hear your own echo). To some it’s simply a form of social escapism. In my case I started just doing general things (you can visit my very early posts going back a couple years now; it wasn’t politics back then). But this last election got me so damn wound up.. well, hence posting for therapy. But at least I am not imposing my opinion or will on others; rather hoping they might find something to think about before they flip me off as some nutcase. But the main common thread with all bloggers… we want people to be our readers. Also common with all blog sites… followers stick around to read posts for a while, then they move on. It’s normal. Hell, I do that. Interest in a site wanes and then we move on. It’s not a reflection on the blogger so much as it is the reasonably short attention span of our interests.

    What I suggest, think about what you want your blog for, then write for readers with those interests. You seem to prefer a controversial exchange of political posts because politics strikes a big chord within you. Ask yourself, does my (your) blog simply represent me being pissed off at anything liberal and I’m going to do my damn best to call them out on their political antics, and I want to tell them personally not to fuck with me, my rights, or my guns… and I want other people to agree with me so it affirms I am right… Or, are you looking to encourage discussion and debate and maybe learn something you never considered before? Not judging, John… just suggesting that if you want more readership sticking around then maybe give them a reason to do so.

    BUT.. just as valid as any other reason… you can still say… “This is my site and I will post whatever the hell I want and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself!”. After all, blogs can be entertaining as well.  In the end YOU have to be happy. Not anyone else. For me, I am not out to change minds, just maybe help folks consider another angle to it all. After a while their interest will fade and move on. Nothing to take personally.

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