Big League…..BIGLY!

This post is from my girlfriend’s blog and I thought it funny enough to reblog here… bigly… er, big league!

Arlee's Anchovies

So for a few days, bf and I immensely enjoyed what we heard our famously-loose-cannon President-elect Donald Trump say at some rally or other event that made it to nightly news….while describing his plans for something, one of the “things” that “ONLY HE CAN FIX” about America to make it great again, he ended his thought by saying….

..”and it WILL be fixed, BIGLY!”

After we picked our asses up off the floor from the laughing at the hilarity of this guy saying such a stupid thing, we went around the house for DAYS using the new TRUMP “catchphrase”…

..BF asked if I had heard the weather report and I told him he would need to take a jacket, BIGLY…

..I asked BF if he’d like Manwich for dinner one night and he said yeah, BIGLY..

So here we were, reveling in our CLEVER AND OPEN-MINDED ability to accept an…

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