The Electors Have Spoken… It Never Was A Landslide

Boxes containing the votes for the 2012 presidential election is seen during a joint session of Congress in Washington. (Reuters)

Boxes containing the electoral votes for the 2012 presidential election is seen during a joint session of Congress in Washington. (Reuters)

Among the many things Trump has spouted off about that the liberals took literally and the conservatives took figuratively is the idea that Trump won by a landslide and his win was a mandate from the people.  Uhhh… no.

In fact, since I am NO way an election strategist nor any sort of party elite I do have a couple observations I can toss to the two parties that they will never hear about because I am just not that important (or could it be I am just not discovered yet?).

      • Trump did not win the popular vote and Trump did not win by any sort of a landslide. But while that doesn’t matter regarding his place in the White House next month, one thing should matter to him.  It’s along the lines of him being the president for every American.  He lost the popular vote to Clinton by, last number I read, 2.8 million votes.  In fact, according to CCN stats, “Trump is the worst-performing winner in the popular vote since 1876.”  This “loss” he can’t ignore.  If he is planning to strike a blow for conservatism he might be best served to remember that conservatives… republicans… did not win the popular vote and that majority of voters who did not want him for whatever reason are still out there… and have a voice.  Very true that voice is not the dominant voice in Congress at the moment… but things can change very easily in two years if Mr. Trump doesn’t read between the lines regarding his plans to make good all that reckless conservative rhetoric.  He is definitely a president for ALL Americans.
      • Clinton and the democrats have been working through the levels of grief for loosing to Trump and the strategists have been pointing to FBI’s Comey and the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC as recent election events that had an effect on her loosing. Look, don’t over-think all this.  Clinton WON the popular vote.  Yes, winning the electoral vote is the road to the White House but for strategic purposes here, she DID win the people’s vote… by those 2.8 million votes.  So it seems to me not worth spending a lot of time looking for blame on who or what event lost the election for her when in fact she did carry the popular vote… and those people are still out there.  Seems to me the democrats might use that to regain some order in their party… and that things are not necessarily as bad as it might seem.  Yes, those rust belt states were missed as campaign considerations and it’s worth reflecting on how to handle that in future elections.. but for now Clinton had the majority of the voters with her.

CNN has a segment on their website where they explore the actual historical record stat comparisons of election voting results that are quite revealing.. if you like stats.

It turns out that the difference in the number of electoral votes between both candidates is a very slim margin as elections go.  Trump’s electoral count is only 56% of the total electors; hardly any landslide nor any mandate by the people.

Check for yourself here….

The whole point to all this is simply to define that Trump’s win… while in the end is still a win… will require him to take stock of his true position regarding any thoughts of shoving his agenda down liberal throats, like so many of his supporters hope happens,  without some compromise.


9 thoughts on “The Electors Have Spoken… It Never Was A Landslide

  1. We have the same issues here, due to the constituency system. Maybe all countries need to reform the electoral concept, and go with a majority of the total vote? Doubt it will happen in my lifetime.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. If you look at the Electoral College literally, it’s a system that inherently distrusts the people of the country. Might have made sense in the 1700’s, but today, it’s a relic of the past that needs some polishing and updating. I need to find it again, but there was a graphic that took the popular vote and apportioned the EC votes accordingly. Neither candidate made it to the 270 majority, so this election would have been decided by Congress in this hypothetical scenario. The point I’m making is that the EC doesn’t need to go away, rather, it can be updated to better reflect popular vote while still keeping the base concept intact.

  3. Now that’s a worthy idea for sure…. the dailykos site, I mean. We might need the demographic math gurus to check all the weakness variations one way or the other, but I like that idea. I admit, I had to re-read that explanation paragraph a few times because I could not tell when he was referring to electoral vote or popular vote when all he says is “vote”. But I got the jist of it. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  4. He did for sure. But what SHOULD also matter is whether or not President Trump will have the support of Congress beyond two years. I understand those 3 million popular votes against Trump mean absolutely nothing to Trumpsters because, like you said, he won so screw the world. But not having the popular vote can dilute that republican majority if he can’t make everyone happy.

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