Tomorrow’s The Big Day!


Fasten your seat belts!

A week or so back during the Golden Globe Awards actress Meryl Streep, while accepting one of those lifetime achievement things, took the opportunity of having millions of TV viewers looking at her, and gave a profound dissertation on the impending futility and frustration in having President-elect Trump assuming office.  During her impassioned plea for redemption the cameras panned the audience.

Now, it’s not unusual for actors accepting awards in any of the Hollywood award venues in years past to take advantage of the bully pulpit of the moment to laud their current charity or political agenda in lieu of “thanking the academy”.  Personally I think those “outside” things have little place in award acceptance speeches.  But as the camera panned the audience at the Golden Globes as Streep was speaking one could see in their faces.. hanging on to each word as if they were hanging on desperately to a precipice; a combined look of hopelessness and consternation.  Then I thought of my own helplessness and that of the 60+% of the population not favoring the new guy taking office.

But I thought of something I had almost forgotten in all the hubbub of election static and Trump’s naïve tweets.

There is hope.  It requires you to have faith; faith in that parchment President Obama alluded to in his “goodbye” speech in Chicago.  Rather more to the point, having faith in the words on that parchment.  So far those words, and those added since, have gotten us Americans this far… one of the longest lasting forms of government still in business.

You see, the Founding Fathers made no guarantees that everything written on that parchment would provide us Americans with a perfect guidebook to success.  That part was always up to subsequent generations of Americans.  There was never a guarantee on who our elected leaders should be, just the rules for how they were to be elected… with the unique slant that those rules allow for ANY American to have an opportunity, rich or poor.  Up until now, nearly 250 years later, we’ve been fortunate that most presidents who were elected have served reasonably well and upheld the traditions of the office that most Americans have grown to expect, whether they politically agreed or not.

Now we are at a point in our history where a quirk in our election process has allowed a rich maverick to be president at the rare occurrence where the popular opinion of the country is not in favor of him.  On top of that, this fellow has NO political acumen, experience in elected office, morality, or the traditional demeanor of a U.S. president. Most of all he can’t control what he says and offends everyone in some form or another.  But.. he won according to the rules… and strangely we can be proud of that as Americans.  We can embrace that.

But here’s the most important thing.  Our Constitution is greater than any president; the office of the presidency, as defined in the Constitution, is greater than the man (or woman) holding that office.  The faith we should have is in the words.  Our president serves at the pleasure of the people.  If his (or her) performance is substandard he/she can be removed… peacefully.

The Constitution is a pretty amazing collection of words on that parchment.  We’ve kept it alive because it represents who we are as Americans.  It was never meant to make us perfect or provide perfection in our elected officials.  Have faith in what it says, because inside holds the key to making course corrections along the way.

So, tomorrow, go ahead and watch the inauguration and witness it for what it is.. the result of our Constitution’s peaceful transition of power.  Think of it as the rainbow that spreads across the skies following a storm; representing hope… and a promise.  The inauguration is not about the man; it’s about the document and the spirit that put that man there.  The moment he accepts the public trust that’s the moment he becomes our employee.  Forget the party play afterwards if you want.  In the end it really matters not who is running the show because he/she serves at the will of the people… BY the will of the people.  If he fails in his responsibility we are the one’s who can say to him…

“You’re fired!”



7 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s The Big Day!

  1. On the news here, they are saying that Trump is asking all kinds of people to attend the ceremony, because he cannot get enough to make it look ‘full’.
    I think his opponents are eventually going to have to bite the bullet, and try to make the best of the next four years. All we can do is ‘hope’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. ” … It requires you to have faith; faith in that parchment President Obama alluded to in his “goodbye” speech in Chicago …”

    Yes, I wish Obama had paid more attention to that “Piece of Parchment” during his 8 years of governing primarily by executive fiat but that is alright …. all the fiat he penned and phoned into existence will soon be a footnote in history as most of it gets repealed by another person with a pen and telephone … and none too soon for my tastes.

    Yes, it does require that we have faith in “That Piece of Parchment” (I have never heard the Constitution spoken of so disrespectfully in my life) but more than that; much more importantly than that — it required that we have faith in the God that this nation says it is “One nation Under.” God and that “Piece of Parchment” go hand in hand and without that
    God “In Whom We Trust” that “Piece of parchment” might never have existed in the first place.

    And as to the bull crap remark made by another commenter that Trump is desperately searching for people to attend his inauguration …. I looked at the television set yesterday and the people who decided to show up at The Lincoln Memorial for the pre-inaugural speech form a crowd that stretches all the way to the back of the national mall …. I don’t think President Trump had much trouble at all getting people to attend his inauguration … I think The People came out by the tens of thousands to celebrate the long overdue change in America’s path forward.

    • Hi John. Sorry if you thought my remark was ‘bull crap’. I was simply relaying the reports of correspondents on the BBC at the time. Then again, I will allow that the BBC is no fan of your President. 🙂
      Regards, Pete.

      • Do not apologize. Your ideas are important to you and I enjoy hearing them because I run a blog that allows for differences of opinion. So, when I think that somebody’s comment is “Bullcrap” that is entirely my opinion and has nothing at all to do with personalities. I respect all opinions on this blog — the smart … the intelligent … the super intelligent … the mediocre … the uninformed … the stupid … all of them because they are all products of fellow human beings and I always consider “Ideas” to be far superior to “Ideologies.” So then, never take offense at my vitriol because it is part of my uncommonly excellent personality which is absolutely beyond anybody’s abilities to do anything but adore and love. If you don’t believe that then ask me and I will confirm it for you. — I understand that the BBC is no fan of our president and I have my own opinions about BBC. — My opinion about BBC is that they are one of the few media resources as yet untainted by the lure of following the agenda of it’s owners (If it does have any owners) and there I consider it to be trustworthy as a news source. My objection to BBC is not anything that is the fault of BBC but is entirely the fault of American Public Media and the fault I ascribe to the American Public Media (Government sponsored airwaves) (PBS) is that they have somehow managed to supplant all possible American news sources with the BBC . I don’t think BBC should dominate the PBS airwaves but then by the same token I have long advocated for the dissolution and shutting down of the Public Broadcasting over here because it is quite evidently so Liberally biased that it positively has no appeal for me or for probably half the country — it is obsolescent — out of touch — irritating — it needs to go. — But personally I don’t give a rats ass what BBC thinks about our President because if the truth were known I could find reasons to think my own personal non-complimentary thoughts about the PM over there … but I have thus far been gentleman enough not to express those views. Nevertheless and having said all that …. Please never take anything personally that you read on this blog because I am a shock jock and it is all done for the sake of entertaining my adoring hordes. 🙂

  3. You can worship the parchment, John.. I prefer the words that are on it. It’s a historical document given it’s an original and for that much it deserves its place of honor for display for all Americans to see and acknowledge the accomplishment of our Founding Fathers in viewing their signatures, and become inspired. But I defended (and continue to do) the words on it.. not the museum piece. Besides.. “piece of parchment” as used in Obama’s speech was to illustrate that it was the words on it that gave the parchment value. Not the other way around. Now, if you prefer to cast doubt on that meaning, well, this is, after all, a free country.. as indicated by the WORDS on that parchment.

    • The only thing I can remember about anything Obama ever said was the occasional breathing sounds that occurred between words he spoke. I have to be reminded of anything else he ever said with the sole exception of, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Ever since yesterday I have also gained a new appreciation for helicopters — especially outbound helicopters.

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