Jesus… I Want To Get On With My Life But Trump Won’t Let Me!

Trump at CIA today complaining about the press in front of the memorial wall.

Trump at CIA today complaining about the press in front of the memorial wall. (CNN)

Are we going to have this turmoil every day for the next four years?  Why in the world does he go to the CIA, stand in front of their memorial wall, and bitch about the press and crowd sizes from the day before??  Why does new Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, call a special news conference simply to vent Trump’s anger over the press reporting his crowd sizes.. then walk off without taking questions??

Obama's crowd in 2009 on the left; Trump's yesterday crowd on right.

Obama’s crowd in 2009 on the left; Trump’s yesterday crowd on right. (CNN)

You would think there would be far more important issues to discuss than crowd sizes.  This is the road to making America great again?  What a pompous ass!

…and all his supporters are making excuses for his grossly un-presidential behavior.  Why is he still campaigning?  Why is there so much hate emanating from this guy?

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 !!


Ok.. I feel slightly better now.


4 thoughts on “Jesus… I Want To Get On With My Life But Trump Won’t Let Me!

  1. After the attacks on 9/11 I believe it was George W. Bush who told The American People to deal with their anxieties by going shopping. I think that advice is just as good today as ever. The sun will rise tomorrow and whatever it is that you have been used to doing is what you will be doing then and 4 years from now. Every administration brings changes. Every generation adjusts to the changes. America will go on. Freedom will go on. Church doors will remain open. You will still be free to express yourself on the world wide net. Our lives will go on pretty much unchanged. Why sweat the small stuff? What is is that you enjoyed doing yesterday with your life that you are forbidden by Law to engage in today? Where is all this trepidation coming from if not being thrown at you from outside somewhere? The great national calamity that some people envision with Trump is not going to happen.

  2. While I will agree many folks do indeed fear all of what you said from the new guy, I have no issue with the policy changes he may or may not do. Those will all work out in the normal discourse of democracy. No, John.. my issue is with the man himself. He’s so ill-prepared for the role of president and his childish demeanor, verbal devil-may-care antics, and the endless excuses given by his misguided supporters, just embarrasses the hell out of me; we are certainly a laughing stock around the world. I don’t want some self-centered naive clown learning to be president by “doing it my way”, and have such a sensitive reaction to criticism that he has to declare wart on something each and every day. His first day on the job was all about fighting with the press over nonsense. Amazing… and speaks volumes on things to come.

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