This Is Not The Way MY America Works

This last week with the New Leader has reflected a direction this country is taking that has NOTHING to do with being liberal, conservative, republican, or democrat… and it has NOTHING to do with Hillary Clinton and her alleged sour grapes.  That’s all smoke.  This has EVERYTHING to do with illustrating what happens when incompetence lives in the White House.  Trump could have introduced all of his plans for his future without being a political buffoon and just doing it HIS way, because he’s rich and used to people kissing his ass to get his way.  This could have been thought out, vetted properly internally, and thought out politically for the ramifications.  This guy wants things only HIS way or the highway.. which does NOT make him everyone’s president.  He’s got people surrounding him that are nothing but rich “yes” people.  It’s VERY clear that he’s pretty much declaring to the country and the world that he will do what he wants and F***k everyone else.. especially the press.

But I have faith in regards to two things… 1) He’s going to continue to mess up.. and, 2) He’s gonna get impeached.


4 thoughts on “This Is Not The Way MY America Works

  1. Big news reports about Trump here tonight, after Theresa May extended the Queen’s invitation to him for a State Visit, he goes and drops another clanger with his ‘race ban’. Now there is a petition started, to urge the Queen to withdraw that invitation. In one day alone, it has received 750,000 signatures.
    What happens if he is impeached? Do you get Pence instead?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yes.. if he is impeached or resigns it goes to Pence. At least he’s more a traditional politician. Interesting.. and thanks for sharing what’s going on in your country as a result of that clown running our country.

  3. Yeah its been lots of laughs as the days roll on in the Trump administration…..but the “amusing” and “entertaining” aspects of his EGOMANIACAL, DICTATORIAL, and generally BUFFOONISH style of what he is tossing out as “leadership” is over for me…
    …this man is a SAD EXAMPLE of the voting public not really LOOKING at a candidate like they should have…not RECOGNIZING the many “red flags” tossed on the field during his campaign of mean-spiritedness and deception….our country, or enough of our country to make the difference, “fell” fior his promises and now we are STUCK…and IN DANGER…he is SMUG and INDIFFERENT TO US,even his supporters, just WATCH him at his “rallys’ – it’s all just a “make Trump feel good” thing…we should all be waiting for the “big moment” to finally occur when someone SUBPOENAS THOSE TAX RETURNS..that is when this country’s eyes will be opened to the truth of the man and his motives, or maybe we should just all start taking Russian Language classes….cuz I think Putin owns Trump and eventually we will see it…

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