TWO NEW BLOGS!! This One Going Into Hibernation




Well, if you click on the above logo you will go to

Finding Political Sanity

While I had this blog,, going for these few years I found myself deviating from the original theme of submitting posts about family life, current events, social life, and baby boomer life.  With the tumultuous last election I ended up doing more political posts.  So I decided to spin off the political posts to a separate blog…

A new feature… I now include an audio of each post for your alternative listening pleasure.



Doug Lite

At that point I decided to resurrect the theme of the early in a non-political blog.

Again, click on the logo above to go to the new blog. returns to the familiar theme of as I enter into retirement life (well, semi-retirement).  Social topics, daily life, life as a boomer senior, family life.

An audio is available on each post at this blog as well.


So, I look forward to seeing you at the new sites!

This blog well remain online, but will be non-active to new posts.




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