About Me (or, Who Is This Guy?)

To the world I am nobody, although the fact that I exist might suggest that I am somebody to someone.  To those who know me, like family and friends, I am somebody (usually).  We certainly know for sure that the IRS thinks I’m somebody.  So what qualifies me to voice an opinion about anything in this blog medium?  Because I am a member of that part of the world’s population that feels compelled to some degree to write something.  I enjoy writing.. and every writer has a degree of ego attached in order to garner some attention from those who don’t care to write.  It doesn’t mean I know any more or less than you or the next fellow.. or lady… it just means I enjoy putting my thoughts to the written word rather than on the bathroom stall door, or verbally.

 But, yes, I do have some measure of real life honest-to-goodness experience that I include with my random palaver.  This comes from the academic side… Associates in Marketing and a Bachelors in the Applied Behavioral Sciences… and lots of years in the business world in corporate management and entrepreneurship (having owned three businesses… two service and one retail).  Somewhere in all that I had five years in the funeral industry and four years in the U.S. Air Force as a cop.

My hobbies, besides writing, includes being a mild computer geek, I’m into electronics and radio communications (I have a Ham license), and I enjoy the more cerebral interests in life.  I’m not much for sports (members of pro sports make more money than I could ever imagine and they spend a lot of time bitching about what they don’t have).  I enjoy music.. classical and boomer rock & roll… and I am into movie and TV themes.  I am also into movies themselves… deeply.

In the end all that is not overly impressive but still makes up the substance by which I continue to express myself and draw on past experience to formulate opinion.  Go ahead and read the topic title in the header menu about why I started this blog.  I’m not looking for agreement with the subjects reflected in my posts but the mechanism for me to continue learning about life is also getting feedback from those who care to respond.  Thanks for giving me a try.


9 thoughts on “About Me (or, Who Is This Guy?)

  1. there’s no “like” button on this page, so I suppose I’ll have to be a bit old-fashioned here, but: way to blog man.

  2. My mother worked for Aldens on Roosevelt and I experienced what you are talking about… It was a ‘crazy’ time indeed…

    • A crazy… and sad time for many. I was young and able to rebound quickly, but many had been there for more than a decade. Thanks for your reply, and I hope your mother fared well after the closing.

  3. Doug, your blog brought back many fond memories, my mother probably worked in your Dept. – Evelyn D. – Fiery no nonsense redhead – bottle washed only – lol, had 4 kids and no husband, she could kick anyones A** in the neighborhood, but always had a laugh to share. She would bring home letters and read them at the kitchen table from people who were having problems. One day she read a letter from Paul McCartney – or most likely his people, who were amazed that they were denied an order on credit because he was not a citizen of the US, her nightly rant about how the company was being run by idiots and the Teamsters were the worst thing to happen to Aldens. Thanks for bringing up such funny memories. – Clair D.

    • Glad the post brought back some memories. Of all my 100+ posts on my blog the Aldens’ posts generate the most interest. Thanks for the tidbit about McCartney; my significant other worships him like a god. 🙂

  4. Doug,

    Your blog indeed bought back many memories because I worked there with you!! Yes it’s Kevin Laverty the guy in the wheelchair who was lucky enough to get hired back in October 1970.I remember a lot of the people’s name and faces. I’ll be 66 this coming May. I’ve been married for 45 years and have 11 grandchildren 3 step grandchildren and 2 great grandsons! Remember Barbara Perkins who gave the company so much trouble? She was the one who caused me to have to go to arbitration on behalf of the company. She made my life hell for quite awhile. Great blog, just wanted to check in! Take care!!

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