This is just calling your attention to the new category with this name, The Business Boomer.  Most of us seniors and approaching seniors have experienced lifetimes in the working world.. from salespeople, to clerical, to professional,to management; from customer service to repair service; from factories to entertainment; from entrepreneurs to corporate gurus; from the trades to Wall Street traders… we’ve damn near seen it all.    So I figure we have something to say to all those young bucks (and “buck-ettes”) trying to edge us out in the workplace (a lot of them our kids), in the vain attempt to pass on our business wisdom… which they will likely not listen to.  But some just might take heed and be a little wiser for it.

I recall when I was becoming of age… actually I vividly recall when all us Boomers were coming of age into the business world… and those who dominated the business world then were shuddering in their wingtips and high heels as we put them out to pasture because we thought we had all the answers and anyone over 30 was obsolete(and it helped that we were cheaper to pay).  Now here we are, on the threshold of the same thing happening to us.  But let us not be plowed asunder without a fight.. or in the least, give them a valuable parting shot before the door slams shut behind us.

This category will contain tidbits of business experiences… being a boss and working for bosses, management theory, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.  I’d love to read of your own experiences (misery loves company.. or is it more like, birds of a feather?).  Maybe this is a little bit of therapy of sorts.  Time for a little get-back on a past idiot boss or questionable subordinate, perhaps.  Regardless, this is where I can share the working side of me… and field remarks from the working side of my fellow boomers.



  1. You know, I used to worry about the “older worker” and role to be played in the future. With the passing of the company pensions, the issue of terminating the oldest first may not play as significant role in business management as once it did. What I am pursuing is the concept of taking those older workers and forming a consulting company to market the talents and skills missing from the youth employee. However the twist is consultants would take along 2-3 high school kids and maybe a college student to participate in the project. Students would receive benefit of knowledge of how business works and different protocols. In addition, students would be motivated to stay in school and/or at least delay the choices that limit their options (dropping out, pregnancy, gangs, etc.)

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